FOSC300: Faculty-owned PACE unit

FOSC300: Faculty-owned PACE unit

FOSC300: Participation and Community Engagement in Science and Engineering

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Runs: Session 1 and Winter Vacation


This unit provides an opportunity for students to engage with the community through a variety of activities. Examples might include individual and group activities with an international, regional or local focus on public-sector agencies, professional bodies, companies, industry partners and not-for-profit organisations. The unit promotes learning through participation with community partners as well as the development of graduate capabilities and professional skills. Students will be encouraged to apply theory learnt through their degree to real world situations. Student learning will be facilitated through orientation and induction activities, scaffolding for skill and knowledge development and debriefing; supported throughout by rigorous academic assessment.


FOSC300 is offered in Session 1 and Winter Vacation and is available in both internal and external modes. The unit involves a series of workshops, on-line learning and a PACE activity. There are no scheduled tutorials or practicals associated with this unit. The unit outline details the typical schedule of activities for the unit.

FOSC300 Online (Technology required)

FOSC300 makes extensive use of web-based teaching support using iLearn with the intention of facilitating flexible delivery, independent learning, peer-to-peer communication, and cooperation. The iLearn site provides access to items such as on-line learning resources especially designed for PACE units, an Announcement board for important notices (i.e. class cancellation), the Unit Outline and Discussion Forums.

Pre-requisites and co-requisites

In order to enrol in FOSC300 students must have achieved 39 credit points and receive approval of the Executive Dean. All enquiries regarding enrolment must be made to the Faculty PACE team in advance of submitting a request to the Executive Dean of the Faculty. Enquiries must be made no later than 4 weeks before commencement of the Session 1 period, and no later than start of April for the Winter Vacation study period. 

Workload expectation

FOSC300 is a 3 credit point unit and generally it is expected that students will commit at least 3.3 hours per week per credit point in their studies. Thus, the total workload for a standard 3 credit point unit should be a minimum of 10 hours per week throughout the semester. However, as a PACE unit there is recognition that workload in FOSC300 may vary in comparison to traditional unit offerings. This is due to teaching delivery which is in-class, on-line and in the community, differences in timing for PACE activities, and individual styles of learning. Further, experience to date in other PACE units has indicated that students often choose to commit more time than required to their PACE activities in response to the associated personal and professional reward and learning opportunities which could not otherwise be achieved in the classroom.

With this in mind, students should understand that workload associated with a 3 credit point unit must ultimately constitute 150 hours in total. The following workload hours have therefore been allocated and approved for FOSC300 with the recognition that some variation may occur:

  • Workshops and associated preparation (i.e. review of online resources): 36 hours
  • PACE activity: approximately 70 hours
  • Assessments (all associated preparation): 32 hours
  • Private study and reflection: 12 hours
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