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Prospective and current student enquiries

Domestic student enquiries: visit
International student enquiries: Submit an online enquiry

Or contact our Science and Engineering Student Services Centre.

Department enquiries


Specific contacts

Position Staff member
Head of Department Professor Michael Steel
Postgraduate Students Coordinator
(Postgraduate Programs)
Associate Professor David Spence
Associate Professor Gabriel Molina-Terriza
Director, Photonics & Optoelectronics Degree Program Professor Michael Withford
Director, BSc/BA Degree Programs SteelDr James Downes
Director, BSc Astronomy & Astrophysics Degree Program Professor Mark Wardle
Director, Advanced Science Degree Program Associate Professor Gavin Brennen
Director, 100-Level Laboratory Teaching Dr James Downes
Director, 200-Level Laboratory Teaching Professor Michael Withford
Director, 300-Level Laboratory Teaching Associate Professor Andrei Zvyagin
Director, Optoelectronics Laboratory Teaching  Dr Alex Fuerbach
Exemptions Officers
If you have passed course units at another institution and Macquarie University has granted you credit for previous study then you may need to contact James, Alex or Deb, who will determine which course units in Physics you need not repeat.
Dr James Downes
Dr Alex Fuerbach
Professor Deb Kane
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