Our state of the art Digitarium Epsilon planetarium projector system and portable 7-m GoDome is available, by arrangement, for groups of up to 50 people per session. The planetarium simulates the night sky exactly as it appears from Sydney, including special events such as the transit of Venus or an eclipse of the Sun. Come and be amazed by an up-close look at the motions of celestial objects, the surfaces of planets, deep sky objects, constellations and much more! You can take a tour of the local Solar System, peer into the depths of the galaxy, or watch amazing new planetarium movies. Presentations can be tailored to the interests and age of your group.

If you are a teacher/principal and you are interested in the planetarium coming to your school, please contact us at for a quote. The planetarium is a fantastic way to engage and interest students in science! We can also organise talks from our staff on topics of your choice.

Thursday Night Public Sessions

Public planetarium sessions are held on the first Thursday of every month, from March to November inclusive (excluding June). We also run shows during the Summer break! These sessions will seat up to 50 people (a limited number of chairs will be available for those who are unable to sit on the carpeted floor). Unlike our on-campus Astronomical Observatory, these public planetarium sessions are not dependent on the weather, so will go ahead rain, hail or shine! 😀

Bookings are essential: all tickets for admission are sold online. We do not accept cash at the door! Please visit our Eventbrite page to purchase a ticket, or simply follow the links shown in the table below. Tickets are available for Adults ($11), Children/Concession ($8), Children Under 5 (free), and Families ($32). All prices are inclusive of GST.

You can find tickets here.


Each show will be presented by the Supervisor of that session. You can find out about each presenter below!

Andrew Lehmann - Andrew is currently completing a PhD at Macquarie University and has been working at the Association for Astronomy for years. He is one of our most knowledgeable staff members!

Brendan Reinhart - Brendan is an undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Brendan has a passion for all things space and has a knack for knowing lots of random facts about the universe.

Tash McFadden - Tash runs the Association for Astronomy and is also studying the Bachelor of Advanced Science. Her love of space and teaching makes her a great person to annoy with all your strange science questions!

Ashleigh Wachman - Ash is currently studying at University of Sydney. Get Ash in a room and mention space? You've done it then. She'll explain every detail in such a captivating way you'll be begging to hear it all over again!

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How To Get Here

The portable Planetarium is located in the E7B Courtyard (click here for a map), on the Macquarie University campus.

Free parking is available in the N3 car park, where it is a short walk down the hill to building E7B. You must get a parking ticket, which is free for 2 hours and after 8pm. The observatory is located at the far northeast end of the car park.

AfA Staff Photo 2016 
Staff in front of the portable planetarium (2016).

Bookings for Scout Groups

We offer concession rates for privately booked sessions for Scout groups, as well as reduced/free admission for Scout leaders. We are able to tailor events so Scouts of all levels and ages can learn what they need for their astronomy and space badges. For more information, please visit our Scout page.

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