Our people

Our people

Professor Alison Rodger

Head of Department

Alison Rodger received her BSc, PhD and DSc from Sydney University and her MA from Oxford. She was a Beatrice Dale Fellow at Newnham College Cambridge for three years from 1985 while also an Overseas Scholar of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Alison then spent six years in Oxford as Unilever Fellow at St Catherine's College and Violette and Samuel Glasstone Fellow at St Hilda’s. At that time she set up the first Couette flow linear dichroism facilities in the UK. Her research focused on understanding the structure and function of biomacromolecules including nucleic acids, proteins and carbohydrates.

Academic staff

Name Position Email Phone Location
Dr Louise Brown Senior Lecturer louise.brown@mq.edu.au 9850 8294 E8C 305
Dr Alfonso Garcia-Benett ARC Future Fellow alf.garcia@mq.edu.au 9850 8285 F7B 338
Professor Paul Haynes Professor paul.haynes@mq.edu.au 9850 6258 F7B 331
Dr Ian Jamie Senior Lecturer ian.jamie@mq.edu.au 9850 8293 F7B 236
Associate Professor Joanne Jamie Associate Professor joanne.jamie@mq.edu.au 9850 8283 F7B 231
Dr Paul Jaschke Lecturer paul.jaschke@mq.edu.au 9850 8295 E8A 357
Professor Peter Karuso Professor of Chemistry peter.karuso@mq.edu.au 9850 8290 F7B 232
Dr Fei Liu Senior Lecturer fei.liu@mq.edu.au 9850 8312  F7B 330
Associate Professor Guozhen LiuARC Future Fellowguozhen.liu@mq.edu.au  9850
F7B 229
Associate Professor Bridget Mabbutt MRes Director, Associate Professor bridget.mabbutt@mq.edu.au 9850 8282 E8C 306
Professor Barbara Messerle Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering barbara.messerle@mq.edu.au 9850 9101 E6A 242
Associate Professor Mark Molloy Associate Professor, Director APAF mark.molloy@mq.edu.au 9850 6916 E8C 311
Professor Helena Nevalainen Professor helena.nevalainen@mq.edu.au 9850 8135 E8C 302
Professor Nicki Packer Professor nicki.packer@mq.edu.au 9850 8176 E8C 307
Professor Ian Paulsen Professor ian.paulsen@mq.edu.au 9850 8152 E8A 207
Dr Andrew Piggott ARC Future Fellow andrew.piggott@mq.edu.au 9850 8251 F7B 334
Professor Shoba Ranganathan Professor shoba.ranganathan@mq.edu.au 9850 6262 F7B 121
Professor Alison Rodger Professor, Head of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences alison.rodger@mq.edu.au 9850 8264 F7B 220
Associate Professor Anwar Sunna Associate Professor anwar.sunna@mq.edu.au 9850 4220 E8C 207
Dr Sasha Tetu Lecturer sasha.tetu@mq.edu.au 9850 8155 E8A 201
Dr Morten Thaysen-AndersenCINSW ECRmorten.andersen@mq.edu.au9850
F7B 333
Associate Professor Koushik VenkatesanAssociate Professorkoushik.venkatesan@mq.edu.au9850 8296F7B 123
Dr Yuling Wang Senior Lecturer yuling.wang@mq.edu.au 9850 6914 F7B 337
Professor Robert Willows Professor robert.willows@mq.edu.au 9850 8146 E8A 203
Dr Danny K. Y. Wong Senior Lecturer danny.wong@mq.edu.au 9850 8300 F7B 235

Research fellows

Name Position Email
Amy Asher Research Fellow amy.asher@mq.edu.au
Emma Barnes Research Fellow emma.barnes@mq.edu.au
Samantha Binding Research Fellow samantha.binding@mq.edu.au
Amy Cain Research Fellow amy.cain@mq.edu.au
Andrew Care Research Fellow andrew.care@mq.edu.au
Nicole Cordina Research Fellow nicole.cordina@mq.edu.au
Natalie Curach Dev Advisor natalie.curach@mq.edu.au
Liam Elbourne Research Fellow liam.elbourne@mq.edu.au
Karl Hassan Research Fellow karl.hassan@mq.edu.au
Taotao Huang Research Fellow taotao.huang@mq.edu.au
Liisa Kautto Research Fellow liisa.kautto@mq.edu.au
Heinrich Kroukamp Research Fellow heinrich.kroukamp@mq.edu.au
Liping Li Research Fellow liping.li@mq.edu.au
Ian Loke Research Fellow ian.loke@mq.edu.au
Roy McBurney Research Fellow roy.mcburney@mq.edu.au
Mehdi Mirzaei Research Fellow mehdi.mirzaei@mq.edu.au
Martin Ostrowski Research Fellow martin.ostrowski@mq.edu.au
Soo Jean Park Research Fellow soojean.park@mq.edu.au
Lindsay Parker Research Fellow lindsay.parker@mq.edu.au
Anahit Penesyan Research Fellow anahit.penesyan@mq.edu.au
Nima Sayyadi Research Fellow nima.sayyadi@mq.edu.au
Bhumika Shah   Research Fellow bhumika.shah@mq.edu.au
Angela Sun Research Fellow angela.sun@mq.edu.au
Fan Wang Research Fellow fan.wang@mq.edu.au
Thomas Williams Research Fellow thomas.williams@mq.edu.au
Xiaoxue Xu Research Fellow xiaoxue.xu@mq.edu.au

Honorary appointments

Name           Position        Email
Kaisarun AkterHonorary Postdoctoral Fellowkaisarun.akter@mq.edu.au
Malcolm BallVisiting Fellowmalcolm.ball@mq.edu.au
Barry BattsAdjunct Professorbarry.batts@mq.edu.au
Peter BergquistEmeritus Professorpeter.bergquist@mq.edu.au 
Hugh GooldHonorary Fellowhugh.goold@mq.edu.au
Brian GrayEmeritus Professorbrian.gray@mq.edu.au
Graham HobbaVisiting Fellowgraham.hobba@mq.edu.au
Paul HostetlerEmeritus Professorblair.hostetler@mq.edu.au
Xiong JiaoVisiting Associate Professorxiong.jiao@mq.edu.au
Dayong JinAdjunct Fellowdayong.jin@mq.edu.au 
Masahiro KounoVisiting Scholarmasahiro.kouno@mq.edu.au
Maria LateganHonorary Lecturermaria.lategan@mq.edu.au
Federico LauroAdjunct Professorfrederico.lauro@mq.edu.au
Dan LiVisiting Fellowd.li@mq.edu.au
Sophie MazardHonorary Associatesophie.mazard@mq.edu.au
Wayne O'ConnorVisiting Fellowwayne.oconnor@mq.edu.au
Brian OrrEmeritus Professorbrian.orr@mq.edu.au
Matthew PetersonVisiting Scholarmatthew.peterson@mq.edu.au
Kenneth QuailVisiting Fellowkenneth.quail@mq.edu.au
Bibiana RojasVisiting Fellowbibiana.rojas@mq.edu.au
Peter StilesHonorary Associate Professorpeter.stiles@mq.edu.au
Valentino Te'oAdjunct Fellowjunior.teo@mq.edu.au
Robert VaggEmeritus Professorrobert.vagg@mq.edu.au
Bradley WalshAdjunct Fellowbrad.walsh@mq.edu.au

Administration staff       

  Name      Position Email Location Phone
Cheryl Farago Department Manager cheryl.farago@mq.edu.au F7B 230 9850 8178
Michelle Kang Administrator Academicmichelle.kang@mq.edu.au F7B 2239850
Nancy LiAdministrative Assistanty.li@mq.edu.auF7B 2239850
Ellie OatesAdministrative Assistantellie.oates@mq.edu.auF7B 2209850 8275
Mark RegoAdministrator Financemark.rego@mq.edu.auF7B 2239850
Melanie TanAdministrative Assistantmelanie.tan@mq.edu.auF7B 2239850

Technical staff

Name Position Email Location Phone
Erika Davies Senior Scientific Officer (NMR) erika.davies@mq.edu.au F7B 227 9850 8260
Anthony Gurlica Laboratory Manager anthony.gurlica@mq.edu.au F7B 229 9850 6374
Thi Huynh Scientific Officer thi.huynh@mq.edu.au E8A 1729850 8262
Thulasy Jeyendra Scientific Officer thulasy.jeyendra@mq.edu.au E7B 314 9850 8262
Gurpreet Kaur Scientific Officer gurpreet.kaur@mq.edu.au E8A 1749850 8249
Monika KingTechnical Team managermonika.king@mq.edu.auE8A 1049850 8208
Elsa Mardones Senior Scientific Officer elsa.mardones@mq.edu.au E8A 172 9850 8233
Angela Moncrieff Scientific Officer angela.moncrieff@mq.edu.au E8A 173 9850 8262
Hong Nguyen Scientific Officer hong.nguyen@mq.edu.au E7B 331 9850 8262
Mark Tran Technical Team Manager mark.tran@mq.edu.au E7B 333 9850 4077
Tony Wang Scientific Officer tony.wang@mq.edu.au F7B 227 9850 8263
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