PhD and MPhil

PhD and MPhil

The BPhil/MRES two year degree, which is Macquarie University‚Äôs new research training pathway, has taken the place of the honours year. For more information about this, check out the HDR website about research training degrees

Note that domestic students may study part-time, but part-time students will not be eligible for the stipend.

Admission requirements

Applications for admission must be made through the Higher Degree Research site.

In addition to the general admission criteria, students who wish to enrol in Mathematics must meet the following prerequisites.

  • A knowledge of algebra and mathematical analysis at a senior undergraduate level is assumed.
  • Mathematical study in the last undergraduate year equivalent to at least four 300-level Macquarie Mathematics units.

Research Training

As part of their degree requirements, research students take a mandatory coursework unit (MATH843). The primary aim of this unit is to provide students with familiarity and expertise in the use of computing software as used by professional mathematicians in their everyday research and communication. This includes the preparation of journal articles and materials for seminar presentations. Good mathematical writing style will be addressed, as well as the mechanics of how to use LaTeX software to produce desirable printable layouts. The special needs of mathematical, and other technical, material is addressed. Particular requirements of individual students, due to the nature of their research project, will also be handled. This is in addition to handling citations, bibliographies, figures, tables, diagrams, table of contents, indexes, etc. By the end of the course, each student should have prepared a professional quality proposal for their own postgraduate research topic, including literature survey with active hyperlinks to resources available on the internet.

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