News and Events in Mathematics

News and Events in Mathematics

News from the Department

  • Applications for AMSI Vacation Scholarships are now open. Details and how to apply can be found on the AMSI website.  Applications closed 16 September 2016.  Next round - information available from mid-2017.
  • Congratulations to Dr Ji Li, who, together with Lesley Ward from UniSA and Zihua Guo from Monash, has been successful in securing funding support from AMSI to run a workshop here at Macquarie on Harmonic Analysis and PDEs this coming July.

Positions Available

Thank you for your interest in a position at Macquarie.

We currently no new positions at this time.

New Appointments

  • Chris Gordon has joined the Department as a Scholarly Teaching Fellow in February 2017.
  • Dr Philip Hackney, previously at Osnabruck University in Germany, joined the Department in January 2017 to work on an ARC Discovery Project with members of CoACT.
  • Dr Sophie Calabretto, previously at ETH Zurich, joined the Department as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in late September 2016.
  • Dr Christopher Lustri, previously at the University of Sydney, joined the Department as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in early November 2016.
  • Dr John Bourke, previously at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, joined the Department in September 2016 to work on an ARC Discovery Project with members of CoACT.

Current Visitors to the Department

  • Prof Mahadevan Ganesh, Colorado School of Mines (visiting Dr Stuart Hawkins) - 15 May-13 June 2017

Past Visitors to the Department

  • A/Professor Ilya Shvartsman, Penn State University (visiting Professor Gaitsgory)
  • Dr John Power, University of Bath (visiting CoACT)
  • Prof Walter Tholen, University of York (visiting CoACT)
  • Prof Kazuya Kobayashi, Chuo University Japan (visiting Prof Paul Smith)
  • Dr Martin Markl, Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (visiting A/Prof Michael Batanin)
  • Prof Qui Huy Bui, University of Cantebury (visiting Prof Xuan Thinh Duong)
  • Dr David White, Denison University (visiting Associate Professor Michael Batanin)
  • Dr Alexei Davydov, Ohion University (visiting CoACT)
  • Professor Stephen Garrett, University of Leicester (visiting Professor Jim Denier)
  • Dr Dongyong Yang, Xiamen University (visiting Prof Xuan Duong, Dr Ji Li)

Events in the Department

  • Moyal Medal presentation and Lecture

    On 27 April 2016 the Moyal Medal was awarded to Professor Sir Michael Berry from the H H Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, UK.  Prof Berry will deliver his lecture "Nature's Optics and our understanding of light".  Audio file will be accessible after the event.

    On 29 October 2015, the Moyal Medal was awarded to Prof David Balding from the University of Melbourne and UCL Genetics Institute, London.  Prof Balding delivered his lecture "Statistical evaluation of evidence in criminal casework [54MB]"

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