People in Mathematics

People in Mathematics

Prospective and current student enquiries

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Key Department contacts

Head of Department:
Professor Jim Denier AHH 2.6169850
Departmental Administrator:
Ms Christine Hale AHH 2.615 9850 8947
Director of Research
Associate Professor Steve LackAHH 2.618
Director of Teaching
Dr Rod YagerAHH 2.6179850
Director of First Year
Dr Frank ValckenborghAHH 2.631
Undergraduate Liaison: (incl. Advanced Program)
Dr Rod Yager AHH 2.617 9850 8934
Director of Numeracy Centre:
Carolyn Kennett AHH 2.632 9850 8924
MRes Coordinator:
Dr Gerry Myerson AHH L2 9850
Postgraduate Coordinator:
Prof Xuan Duong AHH 2.613 9850 8948
Teaching and Learning Support Officer:
Garry Lawson AHH 2.606 9850 4175


Professional staff

Name Position Email Location
Christine Hale Department Administrator AHH 2.615
Garry Lawson Teaching and Learning Support Officer AHH 2.606

Research staff

Name Position Email Location
The Anh Bui Research Fellow AHH L2
Adam Tunney Research AHH L2
John BourkeResearch L2
Philip HackneyResearch Associate 

Numeracy Centre staff

Name Position Email Location
Dilshara Hill Associate Lecturer at the Numeracy Centre AHH L2
Carolyn Kennett Lecturer and Director of Numeracy Centre AHH 2.632

Higher Degree Research Students

Name Position Email Location
Ramon Abud Alcala PhD AHH L2
Sherwin Bagheri L2
Leon L2
James L2
Edoardo L2
Hardy L2
Poon L2
Daniel L2
Audrey L2
Christopher L2
Branko L2
Charles L2
Florian De L2
Alex L2
Martin L2

Türker Topal L2
Joel L2
Hyeon Tai L2
Ori Livson AHH L2

Adjunct and Honorary staff

Name Position Email Location
Bon Clarke Honorary Associate AHH L2
William Chen Emeritus Professor AHH L2
Chris Cooper Honorary Fellow AHH L2
John Corbett Honorary Fellow AHH L2
Michael Edgeloe Honorary Fellow AHH L2
Kevin Hong Adjunct Professor   DSTO
John Loxton Emeritus Professor 
Ross Street Emeritus Professor AHH 2.610
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