Careers in Maths

Careers in Maths

Careers in Maths

  • Ever asked yourself the question "why am I studying maths at School?" or wondered what careers need and use mathematics?
  • Did you know that many of the exciting careers of the future don't even exist today?
  • So how can you get the skills for a  job that doesn't exist yet?

One of the best way is to make sure you speak the language that will be used in the careers of the future. That language is Mathematics.

Interested in using your mathematics beyond high school?

There are an amazing range of careers available for graduates with training in Mathematics and Statistics. The following video will give you some ideas of were a career with maths can take you.

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) publishes Maths Ad(d)s which gather together job advertisements that have appear online, demonstrating the broad spectrum of careers available to students graduating from university with the quantitative and problem solving skills provided by mathematics and statistics.

What degrees at Macquarie will allow me to study Maths?

At Macquarie University you can undertake further study, including specialisation in mathematics, through our Bachelor of Science. For high achieving students we also have our Bachelor of Advanced Science. Both provide you the opportunity to take your love of mathematics to the next level and provide you with the skills required in today's highly competitive workplaces. If you want to combine interest in more than one area of academic study then one of our double degrees may be for you.

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