Units in Mathematics

Units in Mathematics

Undergraduate 2017

Session 1

Unit Unit Convenor Details in Handbook
DMTH237 – Discrete Mathematics II Ross Moore Unit Details
MATH109 – Sex, Chaos and other Mathematical Pleasures Ross Moore Unit Details
MATH111 - Quantitative Methods for ScienceRod YagerUnit Details
MATH123 – Mathematics 123 Chris Gordon Unit Details
MATH130 – Mathematics IE Chris Gordon Unit Details
MATH132 – Mathematics IA (Advanced) Adam Sikora Unit Details
MATH135 – Mathematics IA Sophie CalabrettoUnit Details
MATH136 – Mathematics IB Frank Valckenborgh Unit Details
MATH188 – Advanced Topics in Mathematics I Rod YagerUnit Details
MATH235 – Mathematics IIA Elena Vynogradova Unit Details
MATH288 – Advanced Topics in Mathematics II Adam SikoraUnit Details
MATH300 – Geometry and Topology Richard GarnerUnit Details
MATH331 – Waves Paul SmithUnit Details
MATH335 – Mathematical Methods Elena Vynogradova Unit Details
MATH337 – Algebra IIIA Gerry Myerson Unit Details
MATH388 – Advanced Topics in Mathematics III Adam SikoraUnit Details
MATH604 - Mathematical Modelling (online)Audrey MarkowskeiUnit Details

Session 2

Unit Unit Convenor Details in Handbook
DMTH137 – Discrete Mathematics I  Unit Details
MATH106 – A View of Mathematics Carolyn Kennett Unit Details
MATH123 – Mathematics 123  Unit Details
MATH130 – Mathematics IE  Unit Details
MATH133 – Mathematics IB (Advanced)  Unit Details
MATH135 – Mathematics IA  Unit Details
MATH136 – Mathematics IB  Unit Details
MATH188 – Advanced Topics in Mathematics I  Unit Details
MATH232 – Mathematical Techniques  Unit Details
MATH235 – Mathematics IIA  Unit Details
MATH236 – Mathematics IIB  Unit Details
MATH332 – Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos  Unit Details
MATH336 – Partial Differential Equations  Unit Details
MATH338 – Algebra IIIB  Unit Details
MATH339 – Real and Functional Analysis  Unit Details
MATH399 - Participation and Community Engagement in Mathematics
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