Information about Mathematics

Information about Mathematics

Recent growth in the Department through the appointments of researchers working in the more applied aspects of the discipline presents students and researchers with the opportunity to embrace other areas of strength at Macquarie – in physics, electronics and computing - and to make the mathematics program more relevant to the needs of other sciences and technology as well as commerce.

Our engagement with the community 

We offer a number of community outreach programs and operate a dedicated training and upskilling service called the Numeracy Centre, which offers free maths in-service support, via weekly workshops for some first year Mathematics courses, bridging programs and preparatory courses at the beginning of each semester, along with a range of on-line learning resources.

We also run a regular seminar series, where both local and international speakers talk on a wide range of topics. They include the Applied Analysis Seminar, weekly Australian Category Seminars, Advanced Computing – Algorithms and Cryptography and Statistics Research Seminar.

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