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Fryirs Franklin River Tasmania

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Academic staff

Name Position Email Location
Beggs, Paul Associate Professor AHH2-322
Browning, Stuart Lecturer AHH2
Chang, Michael Lecturer AHH2-349
Cheung, Kevin Senior Lecturer AHH2-344
Davies, Peter Senior Lecturer AHH-346
Edwards, Grant Senior Lecturer AHH L2
Ens, AHH L2
Fanning, Trish Associate Professor E8B 314
Fryirs, Kirstie Associate Professor AHH-324
Gallop, Shari Lecturer AHH2
Goldstein, Wendy Lecturer E8A 372
Goodwin, Ian Associate Professor AHH2-347
Gore, Damian Professor AHH L2
Hesse, Paul Senior Lecturer AHH2-342
Maina, L2
Nelson, Peter Professor E6A 204
Ralph, Tim Senior Lecturer AHH2-343
Ranjan, Ram Senior Lecturer AHH2-325
Saintilan, Neil Head of Department, Professor AHH2-326
Strezov, Vladimir Professor E8A 374
Taylor, Mark Professor AHH2-327
Tomkins, Kerrie Lecturer AHH2
Westaway, Kira Senior Lecturer AHH2-341
Wilson, ScottSenior

Administration staff

Nevicka, DarinaAdministrative L2
Wells, PaulaAdministrative L2

Postdoctoral fellows

Kelleway.JeffreyPostdoctoral Research Fellow L2

Research fellows and officers

Kan, TaoResearch 303
McAneney, DelphineResearch L2
Morrison, TonyResearch 373
Zhao, Dr ShuaifeiResearch L2

Scientific officers

Alexander, BethanyCommunications L2
Field, RussellScientific 333
Tewari, KaushalScientific G654

Honorary and visiting academic staff

Astuti, RiniVisiting 
Bird, DeanneHonorary L2
Bliznyukov, S.Visiting Fellow  
Blong, RussellEmeritus L2
Bradley, TanyaHonorary 
Brierley, GaryAdjunct 
Chen, KepingHonorary L2
Coates, LucindaHonorary L2
Court, JohnHonorary 
Cox, MartinVisiting 
Crompton, RyanHonorary L2
Curson, PeterEmeritus L2
Dimer de Oliveira, FilipeHonorary
Evans, TimothyAdjunct 344
Field, IainHonorary 
George, JennyHonorary 
Gilmour, AlistairEmeritus 
Gissing, AndrewHonorary Associate AHH2-312
Gulson, BrianEmeritus 308
Haynes, KatharineHonorary L2
Holdaway, SimonAdjunct 
Horsfield, RichardVisiting 
Hossain, MustafaVisiting Associates  
Jacobson, CarolHonorary L2
Jiajun, LiuVisiting 
Katona, JacquelineHonorary 
Kobayashi, TsuyoshiAdjunct 
Koschatzky, ValentinaHonorary 
Langbein, FosterHonorary
Liu, XiumingSenior Research 328
Macleod, RoyAdjunct 
Magill, ChristinaHonorary L2
Mason, MatthewHonorary 
McAneney, DelphineHonorary 
McAneney, JohnHonorary
McLoughlin, LynneVisiting 310
Merrick, JohnVisiting 311
Muller, JacobusHonorary 
O’Brien, PhilipVisiting 
Pellegrini, A.Honorary Associate  
Pickard, JohnVisiting 
Poulsen, MichaelHonorary L2
Puthiyaveetil, O.Honorary Associate  
Radford, D.Honorary Associate  
Rasuly, AliVisiting 
Rice, MartinHonorary 
Roche, KevinHonorary L2
Siciliano, FrankHonorary L5
Slip, DavidHonorary 
Snape, IanAdjunct Professor  
Somerville, PaulAdjunct 
Staib, RobertHonorary 
Van den Honert, RobHonorary
Whitaker, RichardHonorary 
White, DuanneHonorary 
Whitehouse, JohnVisiting 
Yeo, StephenHonorary

Higher Degree Research students

PhD Students

Name Email Location
Ackah, Michael AHH L2
Alexander, L2
Ali, Aal-e E8B
Amri, L2
Awoniran, Adijat AHH L2
Bonich, L2
Burke, L2
Cheng, L2
Cheung, Grace  AHH L2
Cowley, Kirsten AHH L2
De Silva, Lucky AHH L2
Dong, Chenyin AHH L2
Doyi, L2
El-Gendawy, L2
Ericson, L2
Evans, L2
Gul, L2
Howard, Dean AHH L2/EMC Lab 2
Isley, Cynthia E8B 317
Jafari, Shaghayegh   AHH L2
Johnston, Peter AHH L2
Joshi, Kanchan AHH L2
Jung, Tae L2
Larkin, L2
Lisenby, Peyton AHH L2
MacSween, L2
McCarthy, L2
Mead, Stuart AHH L2
Miller, Matthieu AHH L2
Morrison, Anthony E8A 373
Mortlock, Thomas AHH L2
Mould, L2
Nguyen, Quoc L2
Okada, Tetsuya AHH L2
Okwuofu-Thomas, Benjamin AHH L2
Oon, Stacy E8B 317
Opatokun, Suraj E8B 318
Phillips, Emma AHH L2
Perera, AHH L2
Rahman, L2
Rasel, Sikdar AHH L2
Rouillon, Marek AHH L2
Russell, L2
Sattar, Md Abdus AHH L2
Tippler, Carl AHH L2
Williams Rory AHH L2
Wilson, Rebecca E8B 321
Wu, Liqin AHH L2
Wu, Ye E8B 307
Yadav, L2
Yousefi, L2
Zhang, Guoping AHH L2
Zhou, Xiaoteng AHH L2

Masters Students

Name Email Location
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