Our People

Our People

Head of Department

Phone Name                              Email Room Position
9068 Photo of icolling Collings, Iain iain.collings@mq.edu.au E6B 108 Professor, Head of Department

Academic staff

Phone Name                            Email  Room    Position
9063 Photo of shaokoon Cheng,Shaokoon shaokoon.cheng@mq.edu.au E6B 128   Senior Lecturer
9152 Photo of dyves De Deene, Yves yves.dedeene@mq.edu.au E6B 125 Professor
9146 Photo of sammyd Diasinos, Sammy sammy.diasinos@mq.edu.au E6B 144 Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
9141 Photo of esselle Esselle, Karu karu.esselle@mq.edu.au E6B 135 Professor
4243 Photo of shanly Hanly, Stephen stephen.hanly@mq.edu.au E6B 109 Professor, CSIRO MQ Chair Wireless Communication

Inline image 1Dr Raheel Hashmi


E6B 114


1095 Photo of heimlich Heimlich, Michael michael.heimlich@mq.edu.au E6B 145 Professor
9598 Photo of nhuda Huda, Nazmul nazmul.huda@mq.edu.au E6B 143 Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
9144 Photo of dinglis Inglis, David david.inglis@mq.edu.au E6B 127 Lecturer
9137 Photo of stjackso Jackson, Stuart stuart.jackson@mq.edu.au E6B 134 Associate Professor
9535 Photo of yjiang Jiang, Yijiao yijiao.jiang@mq.edu.au E6B 138 Senior Lecturer
1094 Photo of ykong Kong, Yinan yinan.kong@mq.edu.au E6B 129 Senior Lecturer
9071 Photo of akourmat Kourmatzis, Agisilaos agi.kourmatzis@mq.edu.au E6B 141 Lecturer
9149 Photo of clang Lang, Candace Candace.lang@mq.edu.au E6B 140 Professor
9069 Photo of leea Lee, Ann ann.lee@mq.edu.au E6B 142 Lecturer
9075 Photo of barrym Mcdonald , Barry barry.mcdonald@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Associate Lecturer
       6510Photo of smukhopa Mukhopadhyay, Subhassubhas.mukhopadhyay@mq.edu.au E6B 111           Professor          
9131 Photo of tonyp Parker, Anthony tony.parker@mq.edu.au E6B 136 Professor
6002 Photo of samr Reisenfeld, Sam sam.reisenfeld@mq.edu.au E6B 113 Associate Professor
9076 Photo of osevimli Sevimli, Oya oya.sevimli@mq.edu.au E6B 105 Early Career Fellow
9148 Photo of daves Skellern, David david.skellern@mq.edu.au   Adjunct Professor
9145 Photo of gtown Town, Graham graham.town@mq.edu.au E6B 133 Professor
 Photo of ntse Tse, Nicholas nicholas.tse@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Associate Lecturer
 Photo of averma Verma, Anand anand.verma@mq.edu.au   Adjunct Professor
9133 Photo of rein Vesilo, Rein rein.vesilo@mq.edu.au E6B 115 Associate Professor
 Photo of new Weste, Neil neil.weste@mq.edu.au   Adjunct Professor
9143 Photo of pwhiting Whiting, Philip philip.whiting@mq.edu.au E6B 110 VC Innovation Fellow
4242 Photo of fzhu Zhu, Forest forest.zhu@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Lecturer

Professional staff

Phone Name Email Room Position
9509Photo of wbush Bush, Wynonah


E6E        FIRST Robotics Administrator
9153 Photo of dcharret Charrett, David david.charrett@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Contractor/Consultant          
7413 Photo of luan Heimlich, Luan luan.heimlich@mq.edu.au E6E Technology Based Manager
9153 Photo of rkyung Kyung, Rachel rachel.kyung@mq.edu.au E6B 103 Administrative Assistant
8126Photo of rkyung Law, Susan susan.law@mq.edu.auE6A 241Technical Team Manager
9142  Photo of nnguyen Nguyen, Mynga mynga.nguyen@mq.edu.au F9C-104 Technical Officer (General)          
9081 Photo of ashresth Shrestha, Amit amit.shrestha@mq.edu.au E6B 153 Finance Officer
4163Photo of ashresth Stiemer, Martina martina.stiemer@mq.edu.auE6B 107Department Manager
9109 Photo of wtao Tao, Wendy wendy.tao@mq.edu.au F9C 104 Technical Officer (Mechanical)
9148 Photo of euy Uy Kok, Emma emma.uy@mq.edu.au E6B 103

Department Administrator

9268 Photo of wwan Wan, Minnie minnie.wan@mq.edu.au E6B 103 Administrative Assistant
9062 Photo of yimin Xie, Steven yimin.xie@mq.edu.au E6A 262   Laboratory Officer

Research and Honorary staff

Phone Name Email      Room    Position
4158 Photo of sabbas Abbas, Syed Muzahir syed.abbas@mq.edu.au E6A 221     PhD Student
9075 Photo of afarnous Farnoush, Azadeh azadeh.farnoush@mq.edu.au E6A 221   Research Assistant
 Photo of afarnousFrater, Bob bob.frater@mq.edu.auE6B 126Honorary Associate          
 Photo of yuehe Ge, Yuehe yuehe.ge@mq.edu.au E6A 256   Honorary Fellow
9156 Photo of kimrie Imrie, Keith keith.imrie@mq.edu.au E6B 153 Honorary Associate
8437 Photo of sislam Islam, Shahidul shahidul.islam@mq.edu.au E6A 221 Casual academic staff
4151 Photo of ekuxa Kuxa, Evgeny evgeny.kuxa@mq.edu.au E6B 153 Research Associate
 Photo of cl Lee, Charles charles.lee@mq.edu.au   Honorary Associate
1098 Photo of min Li, Min min.li@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Research Fellow
9147 Photo of cliu Liu, Chunshan chunshan.liu@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Research Fellow
9598 Photo of ladislau Madeskovitz, Ladislau ladislau.madeskovitz@mq.edu.au   Visiting Associate
9156 Photo of amazid Mazid, Abdul abdul.mazid@mq.edu.au E6B155            Honorary Associate
9066 Photo of xtong Tong, Xunqian xunqian.tong@mq.edu.au E6B 128 Visiting Scholar
 Photo of davidw Wong, David david.wong@mq.edu.au   Honorary Senior Research Fellow
9115 Photo of yangy Yang, Yang y.yang@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Honorary Associate
9573 Photo of bzeb Zeb, Basit Ali basit.zeb@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Research Associate

Higher Degree Research students

4160 Photo of mafzal Afzal, Muhammad muhammad.afzal@students.mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
4242 Photo of sayed Albahrani, Sayed sayed.albahrani@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Honorary Associate
9107 Photo of parab Arab, Perzila perzila.ara@mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
8232 Photo of sasif Asif, Shahzad shahzad.asif@mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
7410 Photo of kathar Athar, Kamal kamal.athar@mq.edu.au E6B 153 Visiting Fellow
9090 Photo of zeeshan Azmat, Zeeshan zeeshan.azmat@mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
8232 Photo of ababa Baba, Affan Aziz affan-aziz.baba@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
8229 Photo of abiswas Biswas, Audri


E6B 153 PhD Student
4151 Photo of schakrab Chakraborty, Sudipta sudipta.chakraborty@students.mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
4140 Photo of ncheecko Cheeckottu Vayalil, Niras niras.cheeckottu-vayalil@students.mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
4140 Photo of sghatreh Ghatrehsamani, Sajad sajad.ghatrehsamani@mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student, Tutor
9573 Photo of rhashmi Hashmi, Raheel raheel.hashmi@mq.edu.au E6B 155 Research Associate
8232 Photo of shossain Hossain, Selim md-selim.hossain@students.mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
 Photo of dkarmoka Karmokar, Debabrata debabrata.karmokar@mq.edu.au E6A 221 PhD Student
8439 Photo of tkhan Khan, Tariq tariq.khan@mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
9528 Photo of rkhokle Khokle, Rajas rajas-prakash.khokle@students.mq.edu.au E6B155 PhD Student
4151 Photo of mkovalev Kovaleva, Maria maria.kovaleva@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
9090 Photo of mmajewsk Majewski, Matthew matthew.majewski@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
4160 Photo of bmajumda Majumdar, Budhaditya budhaditya.majumdar@students.mq.edu.au E6A 221 PhD Student
 Photo of hammadi Mohammadi, Mohammad mohammad.mohammadi@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
9112 Photo of kmorshed Morshed, Khaled khaled-mahbub.morshed@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
9107 Photo of mnguyen Nguyen, Michael michael.nguyen@mq.edu.au E6A 212 MPhil Student
9107 Photo of somer Omer, Sobia sobia.omer@mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
8229 Photo of mrana Rana, Tausif muhammad-tausif-afzal.rana@students.mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD student
9112 Photo of prixon Rixon, Pierce pierce.rixon@students.mq.edu.au E6B 221 PhD Student
9066 Photo of asaadat Saadat, Ahsan ahsan.saadat@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
9090 Photo of ssaeedi Seyed Ehsan Saeedi Shahri seyed.saeedi@mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
9090 Photo of sshashid Shashidharan, Sreenesh sreenesh.shashidharan@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
9066 Photo of sshresth Shrestha, Sanjeeb sanjeeb.shrestha@students.mq.edu.au E6B 153 PhD Student
 Photo of rsimoran Simorangkir, Roy roy.basten@students.mq.edu.au E6B 155 PhD Student
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