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Prospective and current student enquiries

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Department enquiries

Wendy Southwell
Phone: (02) 9850 8426
Fax: (02) 9850 6904


Head of Department

Name Position Email Location
Prof. Martin Kennedy Professor/ Head of Department AHH Lvl 2.269

Academic Staff

Name Position Email Location
A/Prof. Juan Carlos Afonso Associate Professor AHH Lvl 2.182
Dr April Abbot Lecturer AHH, Lvl2
A/Prof. Olivier Alard ARC Future Fellow AHH Lvl 2.245
Dr. Elena Belousova ARC Future Fellow E5B
A/Prof. Simon Clark Associate Professor AHH Lvl 2.204
A/Prof. Nathan Daczko Associate Professor AHH Lvl 2.213
Dr. Christopher Firth Lecturer E5B Lvl2
Dr. Richard Flood Senior Lecturer - on leave (returns 25/11/2016) AHH Lvl 2.212
Prof. Stephen Foley Professor AHH Lvl 2.257
Prof. Simon George Professor AHH Lvl 2.256
Prof. Bill Griffin Professor

BD Building Lvl 3

A/Prof. Heather Handley ARC Future Fellow E5B203
Prof. Dorrit Jacob ARC Future Fellow BD Building Lvl 3
Prof. Martin Kennedy Professor/ Head of Department AHH Lvl 2.269
Dr. Mark Lackie Senior Lecturer AHH Lvl 2.181
Dr. Stefan Loehr Lecturer AHH Lvl 2.244
A/Prof. Craig O’Neill Associate Professor AHH Lvl 2.206
Prof. Sue O’Reilly Director of CCFS BD Building Lvl 3
A/Prof. Norman Pearson Associate Professor - on leave E5B205
A/Prof. Sandra Piazolo ARC Future Fellow AHH Lvl 2.214
A/Prof. Tracy Rushmer Associate Professor AHH Lvl 2.203
A/Prof. Bruce Schaefer Director, MQ Geoanalytical unit/ Senior Lecturer AHH Lvl 2.245
Dr. Kate SelwayARC Future Lvl 2
Prof. Simon Turner Professor E5B215
A/Prof. Yingjie Yang ARC Future Fellow AHH Lvl 2.205

Administration Staff

Name Position Email Location
Mrs Manal Bebbington Lapidary Officer E5A030
Mr Steve Craven Research Officer E5A058
Ms Alarnah-Jade Cullen Department Administrator AHH Level 2
Ms Sally-Ann Hodgekiss Development and Business Officer,CCFS Building Lvl 3
Ms Summer (Qiongjie) Luo Administrator, CCFS Building Lvl 3
Mrs Wendy Southwell Administrative Officer AHH Level 2
Ms Anna Wan Administrator, CCFS Building Lvl 3
Mr Peter Wieland Geochemist E5B126
Mr Nigel Wilson Technical Officer E5A215
Mrs Magdalene Wong-Borgefjord Chief Operating Officer CCFS Building Lvl 3

Research Staff

Dr. John AdamResearch
Dr. Oliver GaulResearch Building Lvl 3
Dr. Yoann GreauResearch Building Lvl3
Ms. Sarah HoulahanResearch, Lvl2
Dr. Jin-Xiang HuangResearch, Lvl2
Dr. Lucy McGeeResearch
Dr. Rosanna MurphyResearch Building Lvl3
Dr. Lev NatapovResearch, Lvl2
Dr. Bin ShanResearch, Lvl2
Dr. Siqhi ZhangResearch, Lvl2

Postgraduate Students

MRes Students

Cameron AHH, Lvl2
Christopher Corcoran 
Jean-Antoine, Lvl2

PhD Students

Toosin Building Lvl3
Sophia, Lvl2
David Barbosa ds, Lvl2
Raul Brens, Lvl2
Bruno, Lvl2
Rosa, Lvl2
Katherine FarrowE6D
Robyn, Lvl2
Louise, Lvl2
Paul, Lvl2
Hadrien Building Lvl3
Dilmi Building Lvl3
Kim, Lvl2
Jelte, Lvl2
Pablo LaraE6D
Nora Building Lvl3
Jianggu Building Lvl3
Uvana Lvl2
Benat, Lvl2
Md Habibur AHH, Lvl2
Shahid E6D
Farshad, Lvl2
Romain, Lvl2
Mehdi Tork, Lvl2
Irina, Lvl2
Melissa, Lvl2
Kai, Lvl2
Jonathon Michael, Lvl2
Shucheng, Lvl2
Jun, Lvl2
Bo Building Lvl3
Huiyuan, Lv2

Emeriti and Honorary staff

Emeriti Staff

Emeritus Prof Trevor
Emeritus Prof John
Emeritus Prof Ronald
Emeritus Prof John
Emeritus Prof P Blair Hostetler 
Emeritus Prof Peter Howard 

Honorary Associates

Dr John
Dr Aharon Arakel 
Mr Stephen Cross 
Dr Michael Cunningham  
Dr Bruce Dickson 
Dr David
Ms Katherine Farrow 
Dr Andrew Green 
Professor Kaj Hoernle 
Dr Vlad Malkovets 
Associate Professor Ruth
Dr Peter McCabe 
Mr Paul
Miss Melissa
Dr Ian Percival 
Mr Abhish Prakash 
Dr Phillip Schmidt 
Dr Catherine Stafford 
Professor Roger Summons
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