The strategic research goals of Macquarie University’s Computing Department are to apply computational methods to solve real problems in the creation of computer-based technology. Our researchers collaborate with local and international partners in projects that are aligned with the following interests and themes.

  •  Cyber security

    Cyber security

    Achieving fundamental advances in security techniques that enable secure and trustworthy systems and services.

    We conduct research projects on network, cloud computing security, trusted computing, software systems security, large-scale data security, mobile and wireless security, Internet of Things (IoT) security, formal security models and cryptography.

    Find out more about the Cyber Security Hub here.

  • Student working on a laptop

    Data science

    Developing methods for extracting, manipulating and analysing information from various kinds of data sets.

    Current interests include research in machine learning techniques and data mining over natural language text and speech. Example of applications range from finance to the medical domain.

  • Two students in virtual reality lab

    Virtual reality

    Focusing on the interaction between human beings and computer technology, by taking a human-centered approach.

    Thanks to a cutting edge and dedicated facility on Campus, the Simulation Hub, we investigate the design and development of pervasive interfaces, motion tracking, training simulations, collaborative and immersive environments, and the design and evaluation of video games.

    Find out more here.

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