Our research

Our research

The Department of Computing’s strategic research goals are directed towards pinpointing computational methods that solve real-life problems in computer-based technology. Collaborating with local and international partners, our projects are conducted through an interdepartmental approach.

Cyber security

Projects in this area are initiated to achieve fundamental advances in security techniques. These improvements allow for further security and trustworthy systems, services and support. Conducted research is focused on security across networking, cloud computing, trusted computing, software systems, large-scale data, mobile and wireless, Internet of Things, formal models and cryptography.

Data science

All work in this space is aimed at developing positive methods for utilising data sets more proactively. This means establishing approaches to better extract, manipulate and analyse information gained from certain analyses. From machine learning techniques, through to data mining and natural language text, this line of research spans across a diverse range of applications, including medical and finance domains.

Virtual reality

Focusing on the interaction between human beings and computer technology, the department’s research in this field takes on a human-centric approach. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and dedicated facilities available on campus - including the renowned Simulation Hub - researchers investigate several fields contributing to the evolution of video game technology. These include the design and development of pervasive interfaces, motion tracking, training simulations, collaborative and immersive environments and the overall evaluation of a finished product.

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