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Prospective and current student enquiries

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Course and program enquiries

Enquiry Contact
General Enquiries Michelle Kang/Catherine Wong
Undergraduate Enquiries Dr Ian Jamie (Chemistry)
Dr Louise Brown (Biomolecular Sciences)
A/Professor Joanne Jamie (Medicinal Chemistry)
Professor Peter Karuso (Advanced Science Chemistry)
Postgraduate Coursework Enquiries Professor Helena Nevalainen (Master of Biotechnology)
A/Professor Joanne Jamie (Master of Radiopharmaceutical)
Dr Danny Wong (Master of Lab Quality Analysis and Management)
Master of Research Degree Enquiries Dr Louise Brown (Biomolecular Sciences)
Postgraduate Research Degree Enquiries Professor Paul Haynes

Exemption officers

Dr Ian Jamie
A/Professor Joanne Jamie
Dr Danny Wong
Professor Peter Karuso
A/Professor Robert Willows


Head of Department

Associate Professor Mark MolloyHead of Chemistry & Biomolecular 311

Academic staff

Dr Louise BrownSenior 305
Professor Paul 331
Dr Ian JamieSenior 236
Associate Professor Joanne JamieAssociate 231
Dr Paul 357
Professor Peter KarusoProfessor of 232
Dr Fei LiuSenior 330
Associate Professor Bridget MabbuttMRes Director, Associate 306
Dr Christopher 328
Professor Barbara MesserleExecutive Dean, Faculty of Science and 242
Associate Professor Mark MolloyAssociate Professor, Head of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences, Director 311
Professor Helena 302
Professor Nicki 307
Professor Ian 207
Dr Andrew PiggottARC Future 334
Professor Shoba 121
Dr Anwar SunnaSenior 207
Dr Sasha 201
Associate Professor Andrew TryAssociate 228
Professor Robert 203
Dr Danny K. Y. WongSenior 235

Administration staff

Cheryl FaragoDepartment 230
Michelle KangDepartment 220
Catherine WongFinance 226
Jinxia KeAdministrative 229

Technical staff

Anthony GurlicaLaboratory 229
Mark TranTechnical Team 333
Elsa MardonesSenior Scientific 172
Erika DaviesSenior Scientific Officer(NMR) 227
Tony WangScientific 227
Hong NguyenScientific 331
Thulasy JeyendraScientific 314
Angela MoncrieffScientific 173
Gurpreet KaurScientific 331
Thi Huynh Scientific 172
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