About Us

About Us

The Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences (CBMS) offers coursework programs and specialist subject majors at undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research level. A strong emphasis is placed upon practical experience, which takes place in some of the newest and best-equipped teaching and research laboratories in the country.

The Department’s teaching staff are active researchers in their own right and are recognised for their work at both the national and international level. They conduct wide ranging research in the chemistry and biomolecular sciences fields working in collaboration with academic, industry and research partners across Australia and overseas.

Our engagement with the community 

The Department is home to Macquarie’s impressive NISEP program, a nationally-recognised science schools engagement program, taking hand-on science out to secondary students and disadvantaged communities, with the aim of encouraging students – especially Indigenous students, to embrace science study and open pathways for them into further tertiary education. The Department’s undergraduate students can participate in the NISEP program (and other community outreach initiatives) and gain academic credit via the special PACE subject CBMS235 – ‘Engaging the community in science’. 

The Department also has an energetic and active community program showcasing the fun, fascination and wonderment of tertiary study in chemistry and biomolecular sciences. The famed Macquarie chemistry magic show is always a hit at University Open Days, festival appearances and school visits, and the Department academics also host popular bridging courses and HSC enrichment days across the school year for incoming students.

The Department’s 3rd year biomolecular major students get an exciting opportunity each year to compete in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) synthetic biology competition – with Macquarie’s iGEM team recently receiving a gold medal at the jamboree in the USA.

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