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Stuart Graham

Professor, Ophthalmology

Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Contact Details

Tel: (02) 9812 3933 or 9812 3542


Macquarie University Opthalmology, Level 4, Suite 401 2 Technology Place, Macquarie University NSW 2109 Australia

Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma Specialist . Clinical Electrophysiology

Areas of Clinical Interest

  • Particular interest in techniques for early diagnosis of glaucoma using new technologies including high resolution retinal imaging, electrophysiology and psychophysical testing. Extensive experience with lasers in glaucoma treatment, including Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT).
  • Clinical Investigator in many international trials of new glaucoma drugs and techniques.

Student supervision

Currently supervising 6 PhD students, 1 MPhil student and 2 Post Doctoral Fellows

Areas of Special Interest

  • Mechanisms of optic nerve and retinal ganglion cell damage in glaucoma and other optic neuropathies (eg Multiple Sclerosis).  Investigating molecular pathways of neurodegeneration and methods for neuroprotection
  • Vascular changes in the eye in ocular and systemic disease
  • Techniques for early diagnosis of glaucoma using new technologies including high resolution retinal imaging, MRI, electrophysiology and psychophysical testing



Research Interest

Molecular Biology - with Dr Vivek Gupta (Research Fellow)

  • Neurotrophin signalling in the retina with emphasis on TrkB receptor signalling axis
  • Use of rat models and mice genetic manipulations to study signalling proteins affecting retinal cell survival in pathological conditions
  • Investigating the molecular effects of increased intra-ocular pressure on the retina, in rodents
  • Studying the membrane protein biology with emphasis on post-translational modifications of the caveolar proteins in glaucoma
  • Cell biology and molecular biology to study potential neuroprotective molecules

Animal models - with Dr Yuyi You (Research Fellow) 

  • Development of a rat model of optic neuritis with optic nerve micro-injection
  • Development of a rat model of glaucoma with microbead injection
  • BDNF+/- mice (with Uni Melbourne)
  • Akita mice (diabetes - with Uni WA)
  • Implantable electrode recording for VEPs

Electrophysiology and psychophysics

  • The Multifocal VEP/ERG in glaucoma, optic neuritis and retinal disease
  • The mfVEP tracking recovery and predicting progression of optic neuritis in multiple sclerosis
  • Structure /function relationship in glaucoma
  • Early detection of glaucoma - comparison of new technologies


  • High resolution OCT in glaucoma and retinal disease.
  • High resolution MRI imaging (incl DTI tractography) in optic neuritis - relationship to axonal loss
  • Development of a high speed high resolution imaging system for assessing the retinal circulation
  • Functional MRI in glaucoma (with A/Prof Williams - Macquarie University)

Vascular - with Dr Mojtaba Golzan (Research Fellow)

  • Characteristics of arterial pulse waves, arterial stiffness, blood pressure and their relationship to ocular disease
  • Measurement of dynamic retinal vascular changes in vivo - autoregulation in the retina
  • Retinal changes in congenital heart disease (with Prof Celemejer - RPAH)
  • Measurement of spontaneous venous pulsation at the optic disc - (with Prof Morgan, Perth)
  • Non-invasive estimation of  CSF pressure using retinal venous pulsation


  • Corneal biomechanics in keratoconus, cross-linking
  • Changes in corneal thickness and hysteresis in glaucoma

Select Publications

  1. Cordina, R.L.ab , Nakhla, S., O'Meagher, S., Leaney, J., Graham, S., Celermajer, D.S. Widespread endotheliopathy in adults with cyanotic congenital heart disease.  Cardiology in the Young. March 2014 'in press'.
  2. Klistorner A, Garrick R, Barnett MH, Graham SL, Arvind H, Sriram P, Yiannikas C.  Axonal loss in non-optic neuritis eyes of patients with multiple sclerosis linked to delayed visual evoked potential. Neurology  (2013)  80 3  242-5    
  3. Graham SL, Butlin M, Lee M, Avolio AP.  Central Blood Pressure, Arterial Waveform Analysis, and Vascular Risk Factors in Glaucoma.  J Glaucoma  (2013)  22 2  98-103    
  4. Golzan SM, Butlin M, Kouchaki Z, Gupta V, Avolio A, Graham SL.  Characterizing dynamic properties of retinal vessels in the rat eye using high speed imaging.  Microvasc Res.  (2013)  doi: 10.1016/j.mvr.2013.12.006       
  5. Kaushik M, Wang CY, Barnett MH, Garrick R, Parratt J, Graham SL, Sriram P, Yiannikas C, Klistorner A.  Inner nuclear layer thickening is inversely proportional to retinal ganglion cell loss in optic neuritis.  PLoS One  (2013)  8 10  e78341

Recent Grants

2015-17 - NHMRC Project grant - # 1084767   CIA Graham – Saving the optic nerve – manipulating Shp2/caveolin axis - $530,000

2016 -18 – ARC Linkage Grant – LP150100614 – A Avolio, G Town, S Graham, M Stoodley, I Sen, M Golzan, A Qasem. Technology platform for non-invasive measurement of intracranial pressure - $350,000

2013 - NHMRC Project grant -  #1048037, with J Craig CIA - Flinders Uni, Progressor study - genes for for glaucoma progression, 5 years

2013 - Rebecca Cooper grant -  CIA - Dynamic characteristics of retinal vessels , $23,000

2012 - Novartis  - Trans-neuronal degeneration, $97,000

2012 - NHMRC Project grant- # 1028578,  Seeing clearly: examining the consequences of glaucoma for the human brain, 3 years, $ 426,175

2012 - NHMRC Project grant - # 1020367,  Non-invasive retinal vein pulsation pressure measurement, 5 years, $ 529,875

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