Policies and compliance

Policies and compliance

Policies and compliance

Inherent requirements

To help you make an informed choice about studying on the Macquarie MD program, we have developed a list of Inherent Requirements that are based on the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand Inherent Requirements Guideline.

Please read this document carefully before applying as all Macquarie MD students are expected to have read and understood the document on commencing study.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your ability to meet the Inherent Requirements of the program, please contact the admissions team on (add MD admissions generic email).

NSW Health requirements

In order to be prepared for clinical placements, Macquarie MD students will need to comply with the following requirements before accepting their offer:

  • First Aid Certificate
    Successful applicants must have completed and hold a current approved First Aid Certificate (minimum 14-hour content) before commencing study. Examples of suitable courses include:

Costs associated with completing a first aid course are a student's responsibility  

  • Immunisation policy
    Before commencing clinical placements, all students are required to comply with the University's Immunisation Policy, which is in accordance with the NSW Health Policy Directive 'Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases'.

    Students are expected to satisfy all NSW Health vaccination requirements including knowledge of procedures for dealing with blood-borne diseases. Students who fail to do so will be excluded from clinical placements
  • Criminal Record Check
    NSW Health requires all students undertaking a clinical placement as part of a health-related course to undergo a criminal record check before attending a placement in a healthcare facility.
    Students will be provided with advice on obtaining a criminal record check with their Offer of Admission

    International applicants are required to provide a certified criminal record check clearance letter. Details of the procedure will be provided with the Offer of Admission
  • Working With Children Check
    Students undertaking 'child-related' placements as part of their course are subject to the requirements of the NSW Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012.

  • Under the Act, the Child Protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013 stipulates that it is an offence for a disqualified person to apply for, attempt to obtain, undertake or remain in child-related employment. If the University becomes aware that a student is a disqualified person, it cannot refer that student to a child-related placement or allow such a placement to continue.

Other relevant policies

The Macquarie MD program has a number of specific policies to support students, ensure the quality of their and satisfy AMC standards.

Macquarie MD policies include:

Other information

  • Deferrals
    An offer of a place is made for a specified year only. Deferral of offers is not normally granted. Applicants who do not want, or are unable to accept their offer of a place, must reapply if they wish to be considered for the following year
  • Program transfer
    Students commencing a medical program at any Australian or New Zealand medical school are expected to complete their program at their chosen university. Transfer of enrolment between medical programs is not normally approved.
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