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Additional Information

Additional information

Inclusion policy

Macquarie University is committed to the principles of equity and social inclusion.

The practice of physiotherapy is a physically demanding profession that requires the ability to competently and safely observe and manually handle a diverse range of people of all ages, cultures and genders with a wide variety of physical disorders and body types in many different settings. 

You will be required to practise and demonstrate safe and competent manual handling skills in order to meet the standards of physiotherapy practice determined by the professional bodies.

For the above reasons, some prospective students may have reservations about whether they are able to fulfil the requirements of this degree. These students should discuss their reservations with Discipline staff prior to applying.

Practical class participation

Physiotherapy is a profession which demands skill in observation and assessment of human movement and includes significant manual handling of the human body.  A physiotherapist is expected to work with people with a variety of health conditions, disorders and physical conditions, across all ages, cultures and genders. For these reasons, you are required to participate fully in all practical classes in which these skills are taught and developed. These practical classes involve practising observation, manual handling, examination and therapy techniques and you will be expected to practise on other students, and be practised upon by other students and teachers. You will be required to disrobe to shorts and singlets or swim suit equivalent and participate in these hands-on classes.

If you feel there may be any reasons (including socio-cultural, faith, health or disability related matters) which may preclude you from meeting the course requirements you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with us to discuss your circumstances confidentially, and without prejudice, prior to enrolment.

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