Education researchEducation staff maintain active research programs in a range of areas reflecting the specialisations of the Department. Their research productivity is reflected in the conference papers, journal articles, book chapters and books written by staff. In addition, staff have a strong record of attracting competitive grants and consultancies.

The research projects of staff frequently include opportunities for involvement of higher degree research students. Support for higher degree research students is a key priority. Involvement in consultancies is another key feature of the research programs. Staff also have key roles in policy analysis and development activities.

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Macquarie is renowned for excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching, our unique approach to learning, our highly skilled graduates and our first-class facilities. When you undertake our Higher Degree research training programs, you will have the opportunity to contribute to independent research leading to Masters and PhD degrees.

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The School of Education offers you the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding academics on research in a range of areas reflecting the specialisations of education.

Before enrolling, find a research project and contact the supervisor to discuss your research topic.

Research project Supervisor Project description
Place-based knowledge to increase student engagement Dr Neil Harrison

Teachers spend much of their time recreating real-life contexts inside the classroom in order to make learning more relevant. But for many children, there is a mismatch between what happens inside and outside the classroom, and that becomes frustrating for many as they progress through school, with an increasing number of students questioning the relevance of school to the real world.

My research is designed to find out how place-based knowledge can be used to increase student engagement and to support identities in the classroom. I am currently developing case studies of how students at university learn from place and country. The task is to design evaluations of case studies in order to discover what connects us to place in the city.

My involvement in place-based learning developed out of a research project delivered in Sydney schools. The project produced seminal findings on the importance of schools locating their curricula and planning within the Aboriginal school community, and was published in 2011:
Harrison, N. and Greenfield, M., Relationship to place: positioning Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives in classroom pedagogies. Critical Studies in Education, 52, 65-76.

The background to place-based learning in Sydney is documented on a blog: Learning and Teaching on Darug country:

Aboriginal education has been an ongoing research and teaching interest for the last 25 years, and a summary of my work in that field can be found in Harrison, N. (2011), Learning and teaching in Aboriginal education (Oxford).

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