Linguistics research seminars

Linguistics research seminars

Expand your linguistics knowledge and skills at our monthly Linguistics seminars.

All seminars are held from 1pm-2pm, Tuesday at the Australian Hearing Hub seminar room S2.6 1.640.

All seminars are webcast live, and recorded. To access the live webcast for any of these seminars, or to catch up on one you missed, visit the Linguistics Seminar 2016 echo website.

Previous seminars





Professor Linda  Cupples

Do semantic and phonological aspects of spoken word knowledge predict reading ability in children with hearing loss? 


A/Professor David Butt

“What’s aught but as ’tis valued?”: the verb BE and its synonyms


Dr Joe Blythe

Children’s conceptualisation of Murrinhpatha classificatory kinship


Dr Mike Proctor

Rime and reason: new Insights into English syllable structure


Dr Nick Wilson

Swearing in sport: managing leadership identity across public and private domains


A/Professor Annabelle Lukin

Understanding ideology: a dialogue between linguistics and sociology


Professor David McAlpine

Processing speech in background noise - the effect of hidden hearing loss


Dr Jorg Buchcholz

Laboratory-based performance measures of speech communication ability and hearing device benefit often do not correlate well with the performance reported and experienced by hearing-impaired subjects in the real world.


Dr Sharyn Black and Dr Cassi Liardet

From “As we live in the world” to “In a modern global context”: measuring learner uptake of literacy skills across an undergraduate academic communication unit.


Dr Haidee Kruger and Professor Bertus van Rooy

Combining corpus methods with construction grammar: modelling the construction network of verb complement clauses in Afrikaans

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