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The Department of Cognitive Science offers exceptional learning opportunities for students interested in how the mind and brain work. Programs are available at three different levels: 

Undergraduate | Master of Research (research training) | PhD

Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Cognitive Science offers a range of undergraduate units and an undergraduate major that give you the opportunity to explore how the mind and brain work – one of the greatest open scientific challenges for the 21st Century.

The major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences will give you the opportunity to pursue a flexible program of coursework and acquire strong research skills in neuroscience, psychology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, biology and anthropology. The major offers an optimal combination of intellectual breadth and depth, giving you exposure to foundational and cutting-edge research on a diverse range of challenging and engaging topics including perception, attention, action, memory, language, decision making, and the brain and information-processing systems that support these capacities.

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Masters of Research

For students passionate about research, the Department of Cognitive Science offers a two-year Master of Research (MRes) degree. MRes students will gain core knowledge in their specific research area as well as the broader fields of cognitive and brain science. In addition, students will gain intensive research experience while pursuing individual research projects under the supervision of a member of the Department. Research projects are designed to permit flexibility. 

The Department of Cognitive Science boasts world-class researchers and state-of-the-art facilities, and the MRes program provides unparalleled access to both. In the first year, students explore key concepts and ground-breaking research methods used to investigate how the mind and brain work. Second year builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the first year, allowing students to focus on the pursuit of a year-long supervised research project in a specific area of interest within cognitive science, which culminates in the writing of a thesis.

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The PhD program is designed to prepare students for careers as well-rounded scientists engaging in original research in the cognitive and brain sciences. The Department has a strong and sustained track record of research excellence and PhD supervision across a wide range of domains of cognitive science including memory, language, perception in action, and reading. Our distinguished researchers include ARC Federation Fellows, ARC Future Fellows, ARC QEII Fellows, ARC DECRA Fellows, NHMRC Fellows, and Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia. 

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