Truck Survey

Truck Survey

Evaluating Approaches to Regulating WHS in the Australian Road Transport Industry

Chief Investigators:

A/Professor Louise Thornthwaite, Macquarie University

Dr Sharron O’Neill, University of NSW (Canberra)

This research is funded by the Transport Education Audit Compliance Health Organisation Ltd (TEACHO)



There is considerable debate within the road transport industry concerning the most effective ways to regulate business activity to maximise work health and safety. Over time, various regulatory mechanisms have emerged from different sources – employers, industry associations, trade unions and governments. What has been lacking is research evidence on the impact and effectiveness of these various regulatory mechanisms.

The benefits of this research in particular are:

1. Enhanced understanding of the relative effectiveness and impact of current forms of work health and safety regulation in the road transport industry on the minimisation of critical risks and levels of work health and safety in the industry.

2. Improved knowledge concerning the implications of different modes of regulation – market-based, industrial relations and statutory – on behaviour and work health and safety outcomes within the industry

Have your say:

We are conducting research into the way various forms of regulation, from company policy to chain of responsibility and road laws, impact the health and safety of heavy vehicle truck drivers. To find out which approaches lead to the best outcomes, we invite you to tell us about your experience of work health and safety (WHS) and WHS regulation; tell us what you think works, what doesn’t work, what support do you or don’t you receive, and what you want to see more of, or less of, to ensure your health and safety at work.

We encourage the participation of all heavy vehicle (truck) drivers, particularly owner drivers, but also employee drivers.

To participate in the study please click here for access to the online survey

Or use the QR Code provided.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of the survey form here. Please forward your completed survey by mail to: 

Louise Thornthwaite, 
Faculty of Business and Economics, 
Macquarie University, 
Herring Road, 

Please note: Your choice to do this survey is completely voluntary and participants are not under any obligation to participate. You have the option to withdraw from the study at any time without repercussions.  The information will remain completely anonymous and the survey does not collect your name or that of your employer nor will identifying details be revealed to any regulator. The research project is funded by the Transport Education Audit Compliance Health Organisation (TEACHO) Ltd and Macquarie University.

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