Our Publications

Our Publications


Highlighted A and A* publications from our department

Ross Gordon (and one co-author from Coventry University and three co-authors from UoW) ‘Empirically testing the concept of value-in-behavior and its relevance for social marketing’ Journal of Business Research (A-ranked ABDC list).

Louise ThornthwaiteSocial media and dismissal: Towards a reasonable expectation of privacy?’ Journal of Industrial Relations (A-ranked ABDC list).

Ross Gordon (and four co-authors from Wollongong and Melbourne Universities) ‘Workplace bullying and absenteeism: The mediating roles of poor health and work engagement’ Human Resource Management Journal (A-ranked ABDC list).

Senia Kalfa (and two co-authors from Griffith and Wollongong Universities) ‘The academic game: Compliance and resistance in universitiesWork, Employment and Society (A-ranked ABDC list).

Alison Pullen (and co-author from UTS) ‘Critical business ethics: From corporate self-interest to the glorification of the sovereign pater’ International Journal of Management Reviews (A-ranked ABDC list).

Jana Bowden (and four co-authors) ‘Engagement valence duality and spillover effects in online brand communitiesJournal of Service Theory and Practice (A-ranked ABDC list).

Leanne Carter, (with David Gray and a colleague from each of Charles Sturt and Swinburne Universities) ‘Inertia in services: Causes and consequences for switching’, Journal of Services Marketing (A-ranked ABDC list).

Senia Kalfa (and Lucy Taksa) ‘Employability, managerialism, and performativity in higher education: a relational perspective’, Higher Education, Published online first: 10 Nov 2016, DOI 10.1007/s10734-016-0072-2 (A-ranked ABDC list).

Nick Parr, Salut Muhidin (and one co-author from UNSW) ‘Fathers and infant health and survival in Ende, a rural district of eastern IndonesiaJournal of Population Research(Published online 12/1/2017) DOI: 10.1007/S12546-017-9183-6 (A-ranked ABDC list).

Chris Baumann (and three co-authors: one from UTS and two from Indonesia) ‘Competitiveness vis-à-vis service quality as drivers of customer loyalty mediated by perceptions of regulation and stability in steady and volatile marketsJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 36, 62-74, 2017 (A-ranked ABDC list).

Alison Pullen (and two colleagues from UTS and Stockholm University) ‘Affective politics in gendered organizations: Affirmative notes on becoming-womanOrganization, 24(1), 105-123, 2017 (A-ranked ABDC list).

Chris Baumann (and two co-authors from the University of Hamburg) ‘Thank you for the music – or not? The effects of in-store music in service settingsJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services Vol. 36, May 2017 (A-ranked ABDC list).

Fei Guo (and a co-author from Tongji University) ‘Welfare programme participation and the wellbeing of non-local rural migrants in metropolitan China: A social exclusion perspective’ Social Indicators Research, DOI 10.1007/s11205-016-1329-y. (A-ranked ABDC list).

Aron O’Cass (and two co-authors from Curtin and Monash Universities) ‘Unpacking brand management superiority: Examining the interplay of brand management capability, brand orientation and formalisation’, European Journal of Marketing,  51 (1), 177-199, (A*-ranked ABDC list).

Vida SiahtiriDoes cooperating with customers support the financial performance of business-to-business professional service firms?Journal of Service Theory and Practice, Vol 27 Issue 3. (A-ranked ABDC list).

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