Publications / In the Media

Publications / In the Media

Highlighted Journal Publications

A-ranked ABDC list

Fremeaux, S., Michelson. G. & Noel-Lemaitre, C. (forthcoming 2017) 'Learning from Greek philosophers: The foundations and structural conditions of ethical training in business schools’ Journal of Business Ethics

Ross Gordon, Rebekah Russell-Bennett & R. Craig Lefebvre, ‘Social marketing: The state of play and brokering a way forward’.Journal of Marketing Management, 32(11-12): 1059-1082, 2016. This served as the opening article in the special issue entitled ‘Advancing theory and research in strategic social marketing’.

Baumann, C., Hamin, H., Tung, R. and Hoadley, S., (2016) "Competitiveness and workforce performance: Asia vis-à-vis the “West”"International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 28 Iss: 10

Abas Mirzaei, Chris Baumann, David Gray (and one co-author from Swinburne) ‘The impact of brand health on customer equity, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

Nick Parr  (and two colleagues from AFAS at Macquarie)  ‘A cost of living longer: Projections of the effects of prospective mortality improvement on economic support ratios for 14 advanced economies’.Population Studies

Baumann, C., Timming, A. R., & Gollan, P. J. (2016). Taboo tattoos? A study of the gendered effects of body art on consumers' attitudes toward visibly tattooed front line staff. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services29, 31-39.

Yue Wang  (and two colleagues from UTS and Chinese University of Hong Kong) ‘Understanding international business negotiation behaviour: Credible commitments, dispute resolution, and the role of institutions’.International Negotiation, 21(1), 165-198, 2016

Abas Mirzaei, David Gray, Chris Baumann  (and a colleague from Swinburne Univ) ‘Assessing ad spend patterns to predict brand health’, Journal of Advertising Research

Yue Wang  (and two colleagues from University of San Francisco and UNSW) ‘The impact of knowledge transfer on MNC subsidiary performance: Does cultural distance matter?Knowledge Management Research and Practice 

Abas Mirzaei, Helen Siuki, David Gray, and Lester Johnson ‘Brand associations in the higher education sector: the difference between shared and owned associations’, Journal of Brand Management

Grant Michelson (and a French colleague) ‘The common good of the firm and humanistic management: Conscious Capitalism and Economy of CommunionJournal of Business Ethics

Yue Wang (and four colleagues from Nanjing University / Chinese University of Hong Kong) ‘What drives the internationalization of Chinese SMEs? The joint effects of international entrepreneurship characteristics, network ties, and firm ownershipInternational Business Review, 25(2), pp. 522-534, April 2016

In the Media

September 2016

Associate Professor Nick Parr form the Department of Marketing and Management provided comment to ABC Online saying that grouping all Asians together ignored the cultural diversity of the Asian continent.

New Research Circulated by WARC, WARC is a prestigious company providing advertising services to the world's largest advertising and media agencies. A recent paper by Abas Mirzaei, David Gray, Chris Baumann from DoMM and Lester W Johnson from Swinburne University, entitled “Assessing Ad-Spend Patterns to Predict Brand Health” which appeared in the Journal of Advertising Research (Vol 56, No. 2, 2016) examined brand health: New Research Examines Brand Health

July 2016

A/Prof Chris Baumann has found that better school discipline is associated with better academic performance. Click here to read the article in the Korean Times

Dr Salut Muhidin on the middle class in Indonesia on SBS Radio (conducted in the Indonesian language) Click here to listen or the original article Click here to read 

A/Prof Chris Baumann who spoke to Radio National’s The Money program about people’s attitudes towards money. Click here to listen

June 2016

A/Prof Professor Cynthia Webster and sessional colleague, Frances Chang, for their article ‘How exporting can boost SME earnings by 65%’ in Dynamic Export'

Dr Salut Muhidin and A/Prof Nick Parr were cited in an article in the North Queensland Register about the difficulties in tracking population growth

January 2016

A/Prof Chris Baumann has published fascinating research into consumer attitudes towards two very different professions, surgeons and mechanics, when it comes to tattoos.

Books Published

The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and organizations (Routledge, 2015 edited by Alison Pullen & Carl Rhodes)

The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations synthesizes and extends existing research on ethics in organizations by explicitly focusing on ‘ethico-politics’ - where ethics informs political action. It draws connections between ethics and politics in and around organizations and the workplace, examines cutting-edge areas and sets the scene for future research. Through a wealth of international and multidisciplinary contributions this volume considers the broad range of ways in which ethics and politics can be conceived and understood. The chapters look at various ethical traditions, as well as the discursive deployment of ethical terminology in organizational settings, and they also examine large scale political structures and processes and how they relate to different forms of politics which affect behaviour in organizations. These many possibilities are united by a focus on how ethics can be used to inform and justify the exercise of power in organizations. This collection will be a valuable reference source for students and researchers across the disciplines of organizational studies, ethics and politics.

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