Marketing & Management About Us

Marketing & Management About Us

Our Marketing and Management courses and Research focus on how organisations operate, researching customer needs, business strategies, the workforce, the psychology of advertising and understanding entrepreneurship and innovation.

We seek to address some of the major challenges in relation to business, employment and workforce development, leadership, sustainability and social inclusion.  Our research in global aviation, social media, international business, cultural diversity and transport and logistics gives industry a competitive edge.

With our multi-disciplinary profile we have the opportunity to undertake challenge-based research in collaboration with public, private and not-for-profit sector organisations as well as leading international scholars.

Visit our Areas of Expertise page for a detailed list of individual staff research interests.

Visit our Research Themes page for an overview of our staff research interests.

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Marketing and Management re-imagined – a game changer!

Our graduates enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities. Entry-level positions generally are based in sales or as marketing department assistants, as well as in agencies or through providing assistance to general management. Human resource departments and the export department of organisations also employ our graduates.

Through work experience or a postgraduate degree you will get access to a lot more senior positions across areas like advertising, consumer behaviour, general management, brand, public relations, international business and human resource management. Of course another career path open to you is an academic role.

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