Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Areas of expertise for public and community presentations:

Staff Topics

Distinguished Prof David Throsby

Role of culture in economic development, Economic situation of individual artists, Economics of the performing arts, Creative industries, Economics of heritage,  Relationship between cultural and economic policy

Prof Elisabetta  Magnani

Labour markets, Wages and employment conditions in a global perspectives,  Firms finance and labour decisions, Contemporary continental philosophy and the economic discourse

Prof Lance Fisher

Macroeconomics, Time series econometrics

Prof Jeffrey Sheen

Macroeconometrics, Financial crises, Monetary and fiscal policy, Labour market dynamics, Exchange rate modelling

Prof Geoff Kingston

Macroeconomics, Personal finance, International finance

A/Prof Tony Bryant

General equilibrium theory, Game theory, Applied macroeconomics, Economics and mathematics education

A/Prof Sean Turnell

Burma and its economy, Australian banks in Asia, Financial sector reform in developing countries, History of global monetary institutions and Australian economic thought

A/Prof Roselyne Joyeux

Econometrics with a focus on applications to energy economics and explaining volatility in the stock and real estate markets in China

A/Prof Pundarik Mukhopadhaya

Welfare economics, Development economics, Poverty and inequality in multiple dimensions, Urbanization in China, Women empowerment, Labour market, Trade and development

A/Prof George Milunovich

Econometrics and financial economics, with particular interest in empirical asset pricing and development of identification methods via higher order moments

Dr Wylie Bradford

History and philosophy of economic thought, especially relating to distributive justice; environmental valuation, incorporating social choice theory and non-monetary indicators of value

Dr Shuping Shi

Macroeconomic and financial stability issues with a focus on speculative bubbles, Time series analysis especially nonstationary (integrated and explosive) processes and Granger causality tests, Real estate economic and finance

Dr Ben Wang

Macroeconomics, Applied econometrics

Dr Natalia Ponomareva

Macroeconomics, Applied econometrics, International finance

Dr Chris Heaton

Econometrics, Unemployment and the relationship between education and labour market outcomes, Education, immigration and labour markets

Dr Joseph Macri

Financial development and economic growth, Investment at the enterprise level

Dr Daehoon Nahm

Productivity and efficiency, Cost of living, Applied econometrics

Dr Jordi McKenzie

Cultural economics, Applied microeconomics, Industrial organisation

Dr Michael Dobbie

Labour market economics with a special interest in: Returns to various forms of labour market experience, Employment stability; Internal labour markets and Union effects on wages and training

Dr Alison Vicary

Non-profit theory, Foreign aid agencies

Dr Andrea Chareunsy

Co-dependence of development and sustainability, inequality and empowerment issues in developing South East Asia, multi-agent-based models of economic development and environmental management for policy recommendations

Dr Edwin Franks

Mathematical economics

Dr Jan Zwar

Cultural economics with a focus on: Global book publishing, authors and readers, Cultural diversity, Consumer behaviour, Public policy and the cultural sector

Craig MacMillan

Labour economics, specifically with institutionalist approaches to the study of labour markets

Alexander Blair

East Asian economies, Development economics, Economics of technological change

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