Seminars & Conferences

Seminars & Conferences

Department Seminars

The Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies holds regular seminars for staff, students, alumni, industry collaborators and members of the public. We invite speakers from the academia and industry sectors in Australia and from overseas to present their ongoing research. Please bookmark this page to view upcoming interesting topics.

Date/Time Speaker Title Location

3 March 2017 

11-12pm (Morning tea from 10.30 am)

Professor Peter Swan

School of Banking and Finance, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales

"Other People’s Money”: The Trading Performance of Household Investors vs. Delegated Money Managers E4A 623
10 March 2017
11-12pm (Morning tea from 10.30 am)
Professor Kewei Hou

Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
Systemic Default and Return Predictability in the Stock and Bond Markets E4A 623
24 March 2017    
11-12pm (Morning tea from 10.30 am)
Professor Ferdinand Gul

Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin Business School, Deakin University
Timing of Female Director Appointments, Bad-News-Hoarding and Stock Price CrashesE4A 623
31 March 2017    
11-12pm (Morning tea from 10.30 am)
Russell Mason and Ben Facer

Australian Superannuation SystemE4A 623
4 April 2017
Professor Marcel Prokopczuk

Leibniz University Hannover
What Makes the Market Jump?E4A 623

AFAS Seminar Series 2016

Date/Time Speaker Title Location

11 Nov 16    11-12pm

Professor Ron Masulis,

University of New South Wales

To be Confirmed E4A 623

4 Nov 16     11-12pm

AssociateProfessor Eliza Wu,

University of Sydney

To be Confirmed E4A 623
28 Oct 16
Prof Peter Bossaerts,

Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne
Perception of Intentionality in Investor Attitudes Towards Financial Risks E4A 623

21 Oct 16    11-12pm

Dr Jonathan Ziveyi,

University of New South Wales

Optimal Surrender of Guaranteed Minimum Maturity Benefits under Stochastic Volatility and Interest Rates E4A 623

14 Oct 16    11-12pm

Dr Hong Feng Zhang,

Deakin University

Medium Sized UK Private versus Public Companies, Big 4 Auditors and Access to Bank Debt

E4A 623

12 Oct 16      3-4pm

Toomas Truuvert,

Macquarie University

Irving Fisher's Early Repertoire: The Unpublished Essay on Philosophy of Mathematics E4A 623

7 Oct 16      11-12pm

Dr Phong Ngo,

Australian National University

Access to Finance: The Impact on Compulsory Education E4A 623

16 Sep 16   11-12pm

Dr Jinxia Zhu, 

University of New South Wales

Dividend optimization for a growth-restricted regime switching diffusions under proportional and fixed transaction costs E4A 623
9 Sep 16

Prof Gary Tian, 

Macquarie University

The Dark Side of Political Connections in Access to Finance: Evidence from the Use of Trade Credit of Entrepreneurial Firms in China E4A 623
2 Sept 16
Prof Bohui Zhang, 

University of New South Wales
Googling Investor Sentiment around the World E4A 623
26 Aug 16

Prof Renee Adams, 

University of New South Wales

Women in Finance E4A 623
19 Aug 16

Dr Benjamin Avanzi,

University of New South Wales

On the distribution of the profits of assets-liability funds in presence of regulation E4A 623
12 Aug 16

Dr James Cummings, 

Macquarie Univrsit

Regulatory capital and internal capital targets: An examination of the Australian banking industry E4A 623
5 Aug 16

Prof Susan Thorp, 

The University of Sydney

Flicking the Switch: How Fee and Return Disclosures Drive Retirement Plan Choice E4A 623
10 Jun 16

Dr Kristoffer Glover,

University of Technology Sydney

Capital Ideas: Optimal Capital Reserve Strategies for a Bank and its Regulator E4A 623
3 Jun 16

Dr Lorenzo Casavecchia,

Macquarie University 

Fund Flow Diversification: Implications for Fee-Setting and Performance E4A 623
27 May 16

Prof Michael Goldstein, 

Babson College

Dealer Behavior in Highly Illiquid Risky Assets E4A 623
20 May 16

Prof Doug Foster, 

University of Sydney

Options on Options, Tradeoffs, Technology and Algorithms: My How Times Have Changed E4A 623
13 May 16

Prof Steve Easton, 

University of Newcastle

An Analysis of Real Options in a Natural Setting E4A 623
6 May 16

Dr Abhay Mumar Singh, 

Edith Cowan University

Multivariate Financial Dependence Analysis of Asian Markets Using Vine Copulas E4A 623
29 Apr 16

Dr Hardy Hulley, 

University of Technology Sydney

Short Selling with Collateral Constraints and Recall Risk E4A 623
1 Apr 16

Dr Juan Yao, 

University of Sydney

Tail Risk of Fund of Hedge Funds E4A 623
11 Mar 16

Prof Piet de Jong and Sauna Ferris,

Macquarie University

SM Bonds - a New Product for Managing Longevity Risk E4A 623
4 Mar 16

Dr Leon Wong 

University of New South Wales

Effects of Executive Compensation on Earnings Management and Cost of Equity Capital E4A 623
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