Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Areas of expertise for public and community presentations:

Lecturer Topics

Prof David Pitt

Income protection insurance and related modelling, Model selection with actuarial applications, Linear modelling with actuarial applications

Prof Ken Siu

Mathematical finance, Actuarial science, Risk management, Stochastic calculus, Filtering and control

Prof Gary Tian

Political connections, uncertainty and corruption, CEO compensation/turnover, State ownership and family control, Audit opinions and auditor choice, Bank loans and Trade credit, Investment efficiency and Mergers and Acquisitions, Chinese capital markets

Prof Stefan Trueck

Risk Management (Credit and Operational Risk), Asset Pricing, Energy Markets, Financial Economics, Carbon Trading and Economics of Climate Change, Real Estate Economics, Econometrics of Financial Markets

Prof Piet de Jong

Financial risk, Statistics, Insurance mathematics, Time series and forecasting, Econometrics, Mathematical psychology, Quantitative ecology

A/Prof Jackie Li

Mortality and longevity modelling and pricing, Stochastic reserving methods for general insurance

A/Prof Geoff Luodon

Accounting and corporate governance, Financial risk management, Derivative pricing and hedging, Asset pricing

A/Prof Leonie Tickle

Mortality forecasting, Mortality modelling and analysis, Longevity risk and insurance

A/Prof Sue Wright

Financial Regulation, Financial Analysis, Corporate Governance, Banking in Australia

A/Prof Xian Zhou

Risk theory, Survival analysis, Loss models, Credibility theory

Dr Lorenzo Casavecchia


Dr James Cummings

Commercial banks, Pension funds, Prudential regulation, Futures markets, Market microstructure

Dr Lurion De Mello

Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Investments, Econometrics of Financial Markets

Jim Farmer

Term insurance, Monte Carlo Markov Chain simulations, Margin on services profit reporting, Student progression rates, Annuities, Surrender value, Actuarial websites

Shauna Ferris

Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies, Underwriting, Risk classification and discrimination, Adverse selection, Superannuation, Financial reinsurance

Dr Jiwook Jang

Financial and insurance risks, Catastrophe insurance modelling, Financial derivatives pricing

Dr Egon Kalotay

Accounting and Corporate Governance, Asset pricing, Derivatives, Credit risk management

Dr Timothy Kyng

Financial decision making, Valuation of complex financial contracts, Finance education, Executive share option valuation, Application of mathematics and statistics to finance, Insurance and actuarial science

Dr Sachi Purcal


Dr Mehdi Sadeghi

Capital market, Emerging markets finance, Islamic banking and finance

Dr Ryle Perera

Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Control, Financial Engineering

Dr Chi Truong

Catastrophic Risk Modelling, Real Option Analysis, Environmental and Resource Economics, Financial Risk Modelling

Toomas Truuvert

Learning and teaching practices in higher education

Dr Fan Yu

Corporate Finance, Executive Compensation, Contract Theory, Corporate Governance, Capital Structure, Cash Policy, Institutional Investors

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