Our people

Our people

Head of Department

Professor Gabrielle Meagher

Professor Gabrielle Meagher’s research engages with pressing problems in social policy and the world of work. These themes come together in her research on the way social care services are practised, organised, distributed, experienced and understood by different groups. She works with colleagues in Australia and Sweden to understand how policies to ‘make markets’ in social services are transforming the welfare states in these two countries.

Academic staff

Name and contact details Research Interests
Associate Professor Amanda Wise
Title: Associate Professor
Location: Building W6A, Room 833
Phone: (02) 9850 8835
Email: amanda.wise@mq.edu.au
Global cities and diversity; materialities, civilities, and 'sensibilities' of urban life; multiculturalism and 'lived diversity' (especially 'everyday multiculturalism') in Australia and Singapore; race and interethnic relations; cultural attachments to and formations of place, especially in relation to multicultural cities; national and cultural identities; diasporic, transnational and migrant communities; labour mobility in and from Asia; and experiences of low wage migrant labourers in Australia and Asia
Dr Niko Antalffy
Title: Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 822
Phone: (02) 9850 7095
Email: niko.antalffy@mq.edu.au
Emerging technologies; Critical Theory of science and technology; alternative relationship cultures
Dr Maria Amigo
Title: Associate Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 822
Phone: (02) 9850 8027
Email: maria.amigo@mq.edu.au
Children from non-western contexts and their life transitions
Dr Harry Blatterer
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 839
Phone: (02) 9850 8069
Email:  harry.blatterer@mq.edu.au
Intimate relationships, privacy and gender with a focus on friendship
Dr Paul Byron
Title: Associate Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 839
Phone: (02) 9850 8069
Email: paul.byron@mq.edu.au
Dr Norbert Ebert
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 836
Phone: (02) 9850 8980
Email: norbert.ebert@mq.edu.au
Critical social theory - individualisation, social differentiation and integration and how they can help to sociologically understand and critique social trends and changes in all areas of late modern societies
Dr Tobia Fattore
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 837
Phone: (02) 9850 8074
Email: tobia.fattore@mq.edu.au
Sociology of childhood; sociology of work; political sociology
Associate Professor Pauline Johnson
Title: Associate Professor
Location: Building W6A, Room 838
Phone: (02) 9850 9491
Email: Pauline.Johnson@mq.edu.au
The difficulties that contemporary Sociology encounters in setting up an effective critique of neoliberal ideologies
Dr Kumiko Kawashima
Title: Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 834
Phone: (02) 9850 7943
Email: kumiko.kawashima@mq.edu.au
Work, labour and employment; consumption; transnational migration; global capitalism; post-industrial society; gender; class; Asia; Japan; social transformation; ethnography
Dr Alison Leitch
Title: Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 832
Phone: (02) 9850 8102
Email: alison.leitch@mq.edu.au
cultural history of labour movements; food politics; cultural sociology; sociology of everyday life
Dr Justine Lloyd
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 830
Phone: (02) 9850 9940
Email: justine.lloyd@mq.edu.au
Relationship between spatial and social change, particularly investigated through cultural histories of domesticity and urban space
Jacqueline Mackaway
Title: Associate Lecturer - PACE
Location: Building W6A, Room 822
Phone: (02) 9850 8027
Email: jacqueline.mackaway@mq.edu.au

Issues of access, equity, inclusion/exclusion in tertiary educational settings and with respect to specific pedagogical practices

Dr Charlotte Overgaard
Title: Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 823
Phone: (02) 9850 6779
Email: charlotte.overgaard@mq.edu.au
Charlotte has an interest in work, employment and gender, especially the connections between different forms of paid and unpaid labour, focussing primarily on volunteers’ engagement in aged care and end-of-life care
Dr Peter Rogers
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 800
Phone: (02) 9850 6781
Email: peter.rogers@mq.edu.au
Theory and politics of space; disaster resilience
Associate Professor  Shaun Wilson
Title: Associate Professor
Location: Building W6A, Room 829
Phone: (02) 9850 8620
Email: shaun.wilson@mq.edu.au  
Intersection of political sociology, work and welfare; fiscal sociology; political economy
Dr Rebecca Sheehan
Title: Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 831
Phone: (02) 9850 7947
Email: rebecca.sheehan@mq.edu.au
History of feminism, gender, and sexuality; intersectionality; popular culture, music and cultural politics; US and transnational women’s history
Dr Ben Spies-Butcher
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 840
Phone: (02) 9850 4074
Email: ben.spies-butcher@mq.edu.au  
Economics and politics of social and environmental policy; political participation
Dr Adam Stebbing
Title: Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 824
Phone: (02) 9850 4098
Email: adam.stebbing@mq.edu.au
Interactions of social policy, taxation and inequality
Dr Selvaraj Velayutham
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: Building W6A, Room 835
Phone: (02) 9850 4426
Email: selvaraj.velayutham@mq.edu.au  
Globalisation; nationalism; international migration; the Sociology of Everyday Life

Professional staff

Name Contact
Ms Vicki Worthington
Title: Department Administrator
Location: Building W6A, Room 827
Phone: (02) 9850 8078
Email: vicki.worthington@mq.edu.au

Emeritus Professors

Professor John Lechte
Emeritus Professor 
Email: John.Lechte@mq.edu.au

Adjunct Professors, Visiting Fellows, Honorary Associates

Name Contact
Professor Jack Barbalet
Honorary Adjunct Professor
Email: Jack.Barbalet@mq.edu.au
Professor Michael Bittman
Honorary Visiting Fellow
Email: Michael.Bittman@mq.edu.au
Dr Bob Davidson
Honorary Fellow
Email: Bob.Davidson@mq.edu.au
Professor Michael Fine
Honorary Adjunct Professor
Email: Michael.Fine@mq.edu.au
Professor Markus Hadler
Honorary Professor
Email: markus.hadler@uni.graz.at
Associate Professor Joan Kirkby
Honorary Associate Professor
Email: Joan.Kirkby@mq.edu.au
Professor Jocelyn Pixley
Honorary Professor
Email: Jocelyn.Pixley@mq.edu.au
Dr Xiaoying Qi Email: Xiaoying.Qi@mq.edu.au
Associate Professor Ellie Vasta
Honorary Associate Professor
email: ellie.vasta@mq.edu.au

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