The Department of Indigenous Studies conducts research in a wide range of interdisciplinary fields and topics.  Potential research projects should be discussed with our staff, but we place no real limits on project topics, so long as they fit into the overall methods and ethics of Indigenous Studies.

We are particularly focused on developing emerging Indigenous scholars through providing excellent supervision, networking opportunities and guidance.

Areas of research

The Department is keen to take on new and challenging projects and work with people who are interested in making a significant contribution to strengthening the socio-economic fabric of Australia through positive change, understanding and knowledge.

Indigenous Education

The department views research into Indigenous Education as a crucial tool to empowering Indigenous Australians as well as educating non-Indigenous people about our people, culture and histories. Whilst the primary focus of our research is higher education, we are interested in all levels of education.

Racism and Self-perceptions

Whilst there has been considerable academic and media attention focused on issues surrounding anti-racism perspectives, less consideration has been given to individuals who have experienced racism and discrimination in their daily lives. Critically a greater understanding is needed to not only identify on how such experiences may impact on self-perceptions and well-being, but also how to promote stronger levels of strength and resiliency to reduce the negative impact of racism.

Indigenous Body and Identity

This cross-disciplinary area of research which investigates the ways in which the Indigenous body has been socially and culturally constructed, and therefore positioned as a space that challenges the production of self, identity and belonging. Examination of the Indigenous body provides a platform in which to analyse the relationship between body and identity, this notion becomes contextualised by an understanding of how the mind/body coalesced with concepts of identity can (re)shape and determine the very sense of self. Critical frameworks for this field of inquiry consider issues of gender, class, race, sex and sexuality, socio-cultural influences, as well as other factors.

Recent publications

Franklin, C. (2014). "Belonging to Bad: Ambiguity, Parramatta Girls and the Parramatta Girls Home." Geographical Research In Press.

HDR research projects

Current higher degree research students

Student: Corrinne Franklin
Degree: PhD (Indigenous Studies)
Supervisors: A/Prof Michelle Trudgett (Warawara) & Dr Sandie Suchet-Pearson (Human Geography)
Topic: Understanding Indigenous Sex Workers in New South Wales

Student: Robert Fuller
Degree: MPhil (Indigenous Studies)
Supervisors: A/Prof Michelle Trudgett (Warawara) & Prof Ray Norris (CSIRO/Warawara)
Topic: The Astronomy of the Kamilaroi People and their Neighbours

Student: Yuri Suzuki
Degree: PhD (Law)
Supervisors: A/Prof Shawkat Alam (Law) & A/Prof Michelle Trudgett (Warawara)
Topic: Toward effective regulatory system for 'fair and equitable benefit sharing' arising from the use of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge: Principles, practice and prospect for the South Pacific

Student: Holly Doel-Mackaway
Degree: PhD (Law)
Supervisors: Carolyn Adams (Law), Associate Professor Susan Page (Warawara) and Professor John Tobin (Uni of Melb Law).
Topic: Indigenous children and young people's right to participate in law and policy making: A child rights examination of the Stronger Futures legislation.

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