Our teachers and teaching

Our teachers and teaching

Our teachers and teaching

Photo of two students inside a museum

A key strength of Macquarie’s Indigenous Studies department is the depth of professional skill and insight our teaching staff bring to their programs, particularly in the areas of education, arts and law.

Teaching quality matters in Indigenous studies

The department is cross-curricular: students from many disciplines choose Indigenous Studies because it is an excellent foundational and supplementary area of study. In particular, unit ABST100 can be incorporated into most Macquarie University degrees. This is recommended when a demonstrated understanding of Indigenous affairs is a career requirement (for example engineering, teaching).

Helping diverse students from varied fields of study to understand the full spectrum of Indigenous histories and cultures requires an inclusive and perceptive teaching style.

Experienced, expert teaching staff

Our Head of Department, Doctor Trudy Ambler, has extensive knowledge of teaching and completd her PhD in teacher learning, focusing specifically on how teachers learn in their day-to-day work. 

Lecturer Jessica Rogers is an Aboriginal educator and helped to develop Macquarie University’s Master of Indigenous Education, Australia’s only masters program in Indigenous education.

In 2016 Doctor Holly Doel-Mackaway joined the Department of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University as a lecturer. Previously she worked for more than 10 years for the United Nations, as well as for various international non-government organisations, as a lawyer providing specialised advice on international human rights law pertaining to children and young people.

Lecturer Corrinne Franklin is an Indigenous woman from the Wiradjuri Nation. She received a 2016 Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Award in recognition of her ability to foster transformative approaches to teaching that motivates and inspires students’ learning.

Great teachers, unique learning opportunities

The department’s highly qualified and nationally recognised teachers draw on their experience and community links to deliver engaging and bespoke learning opportunities. The department regularly secures inspiring guest lecturers and Indigenous Elders to speak with students.

In addition, departmental staff deliver the unique Master of Indigenous Education program, which enables teachers to achieve accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers. This excellent professional development may also be studied online by practicing teachers seeking to hone their ability to provide culturally appropriate education.

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