About us

About us

Indigenous Studies is a discipline in which Indigenous people, places and philosophies are held at the centre. Indigenous Studies has three levels of focus:

  • Local (for us at Macquarie University, we acknowledge the Darug people)
  • National (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander), and
  • Global

Although one aspect of the discipline includes the study of Indigenous histories and cultures, in Indigenous Studies we ask broader questions about perspective, power, methodology, justice, self-representation and knowledge in order to develop new understandings of society and the world. This means that students and scholars in Indigenous Studies learn and practice skills of critical thinking and communication that have a wide range of applications in and beyond Indigenous contexts.

At Macquarie, Indigenous Studies is taught as a major or a minor at the undergraduate level, while postgraduate students can embark on the Master of Research or PhD in Indigenous Studies. Indigenous Studies academics draw on a range of other disciplines as well, which means your pathway of study in Indigenous Studies might include a specific focus (on politics, history, culture, the arts, education, and so on); many students find an Indigenous Studies major or minor to work well alongside another major or degree.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge that Macquarie University is on the land of the Darug people.

There are over two hundred Indigenous nations in Australia. Sydney is where the largest population of Indigenous Australians reside. Being such a large city, it is on the land of many different Indigenous nations who have lived here since the Dreaming. Indigenous staff and students at Macquarie come from a range of nations and experiences.

We acknowledge our privileged position to learn, teach and speak on Darug land and value our ongoing relationship with the Darug community.

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