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Our people

Academic Staff - Lisa WynnHead of Department

Lisa Wynn

Lisa Wynn completed her PhD in Anthropology from Princeton University in 2003. Since arriving at Macquarie University, her research has gone in three main directions: research ethics, reproductive health technologies, and love and desire.

Academic staff 

Name and contact detailsResearch Interests

DENHAM, Dr Aaron
Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: W6A/616
T: (02) 9850 7564
E: aaron.denham@mq.edu.au

Medical and psychological anthropology; child and maternal health; infanticide discourse, representation, and practice; development and health; divination and meaning-making processes; intergenerational relations; mental health; psychoanalytic theory and practice; historical trauma; electronic health records and patient-provider relational styles; West Africa; and, North America.

Title: Professor
Location: W6A/611
T: (02) 9850 8079
E: greg.downey@mq.edu.au

Neuroanthropology; sensory experience; psychological anthropology; sports, dance, and music; biology-culture relations; embodiment; physical training; human variation; anthropological and evolutionary theory.

GROARK, Dr Kevin
Title: Lecturer
Location: W6A/618
T: (02) 9850 8110
E: Kevin.Groark@mq.edu.au

Psychological Anthropology; Psychoanalysis; Medical Anthropology; Dreams; Ethnomedicine; Ethnobotany;  Intersubjectivity;  Indigenous Latin America; Highland Maya; Amazonia
HERMKENS, Dr. Anna-Karina
Title: Scholarly Teaching Fellow
T: (02) 9850 8077
The Arts; Museum Studies, Religious Studies, Gender Studies and Conflict Studies. Areas: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands and the Pacific.

Title: Associate Professor
Location: W6A/606
T: (02) 9850 8471
E: Chris.Houston@mq.edu.au

Political Islam in Turkey; republicanism, nationalism and identity; architecture and urban planning

Title: Associate Professor
Location: W6A/610
T: (02) 9850 7783
E: Chris.Lyttleton@mq.edu.au

Sexuality and subjectivity; health and development; social impact of HIV/AIDS in SE Asia; migration and health vulnerability; ethnic minorities in the upper Mekong; drug reduction programs.

MARRANCI, Dr Gabriele
Title: Lecturer
Location: W6A/617
T: (02) 9850 8040
E: gabriele.marranci@mq.edu.au

Anthropology of identity and emotion;Anthropology of religion (specialisation in Muslim communities);Anthropology and neuroscience;Youth and society;Anthropology of global social threats;Immigration and migration; South and Southeast Asia; Western Europe, US and Australia;North and West Africa.

SENAY, Dr Banu
Title: Lecturer
Location: W6A/602
T: (02) 9850 8021
E: Banu.Senay@mq.edu.au

Anthropology of apprenticeship, pedagogy, and ethics; new dimensions of religious practice, new-age spirituality; global Sufism; Islamic arts and aesthetics;Sufi music' in Istanbul.

RAM, Kalpana A/Prof
Title: Associate Professor
Location: W6A/604
T: (02) 9850 8016
E: Kalpana.Ram@mq.edu.au

Class, gender and development in India; Embodied experience and gender: rural women's experiences of puberty, maternity, family planning and childbirth; Aesthetics and Indian performance cultures: performance of power in everyday life, specific performance traditions in dance and music, intersection of aesthetics, gender and nationalism for the Indian middle class and middle class diaspora.

Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: W6A/603
T: (02) 9850 8121
E: Jaap.Timmer@mq.edu.au

Religion, ethnicity, migration, tenure arrangements, access to justice, governance, and non-state regulations

Title: Senior Lecturer
Location: W6A/607
T: (02) 9850 8622

Christianity, cosmology and identity in Papua New Guinea; myth, history and ontology; phenomenological anthropology

Title: Lecturer
Location: W6A/600
E: Chris.Vasantkumar@mq.edu.au

money, number and numeracy, metrology and measurement, standards and processes of standardization, movement and mobilities, the anthropology of utopia, actor-network theory and social topology, economic anthropology, China and Tibet.

Title: Lecturer
Location: W6A/611
T: (02) 9850 8026
E: Eve.Vincent@mq.edu.au

Indigenous Australia, race, the politics of recognition, Aboriginal expressive practices (especially literary), settler colonialism, Australian progressive social movements.

WYNN, Lisa Dr
Title: Associate Professor
Location: W6A/606
T: (02) 9850 8095
E: Lisa.Wynn@mq.edu.au

Transnationalism; medical anthropology; new reproductive health technologies; sexuality; the language of medicine; cyberfatwas; tourism and travel; gender; identity and nationalism; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Canada.

Professional staff

Name Contact

RAY, Payel
Title: Department Administrator

Location: W6A-12 FIRST WALK 615
T: (02) 9850 8077
F: (02) 9850 9391
E: payel.ray@mq.edu.au

Adjunct Professors, Visiting Fellows, Honorary Associates

Honorary Associate

Maren Tomforde

Honorary Associate

Sumant Badami

Senior Research Fellow

Paul Cohen

Honorary Associate

Estelle Dryland

Honorary Associate

Michael Goddard

Senior Research Fellow

Robert Norton
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