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Year 11 Preliminary Ancient History 

Investigating Ancient History - The Nature of Ancient History

The Investigation of Ancient Sites and Sources - Dead Sea Scrolls, Petra

Historical Authenticity and Reliability - Dead Sea Scrolls

The Representation of the Ancient Past - *David and Solomon

Preservation, Conservation and/or Reconstruction of Ancient Sites - *The Temple Mount

Cultural heritage and the role of Museums - Palmyra

The Treatment and Display of Human Remains - Mummies from Canaan

Investigating Ancient History - Case Studies





Features of Ancient History - Ancient Near East



Art and Architecture

Weapons and Warfare

Death and Funerary Customs

Power and Image

Trade and Cultural Contact

Historical Investigation

An aspect of ancient society - Conquest and Deportation

Causes and impacts of an event - The Sea Peoples

Significance of an historical development - The Iron Age

Development of an aspect of ancient society over time - Monotheism

An historical debate - Exodus, The Hyksos, Moses and Akhenaten

An historical site - City of David

Constructions of the ancient past - Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Interpretation or representation of an individual, group or event - The Philistines

Year 12 HSC Ancient History 

An integrated Ancient Near East Option

Programming Ancient History

Programming HSC Ancient History

Scope and Sequence

HSC Ancient Societies

Option C: Society in Israel from Solomon to the Fall of Samaria (c.970-722 BCE)

Scope and Sequence


Geographical setting and resources

Significant sites

Tirzah (Tell el-Far'ah)

Focus of Study

Social structure and political organisation


Religion, death and burial

Culture and everyday life

HSC Personalities in Their Times

Option 3: Sennacherib

Scope and Sequence


Geography, topography and resources of the Assyrian Empire

Who's Who?
Timeline / chronology

Relations with neighbours

Destruction of Babylon

Organisation of Empire


Annals of Sennacherib
Death of Sennacherib

Political, military, economic and social structure of Assyrian empire

Assyrian and Babylonian religions

Focus of Study: 

Background and rise to prominence

Key features and developments of reign

The siege of Lachish
Nineveh Reliefs

Evaluation of reign

Source Study

HSC Historical Period

Option C: The Ancient Levant - First Temple Period c. 970-586 BCE

Scope and Sequence



Geographical context

Key powers and contact

Focus of Study

Israel and Judah

Geopolitics of the Ancient Levant
Population trade and settlement
Reign of Solomon
The divided kingdom 931-722 BCE

Foreign relations with Assyria and Babylon

Northern kingdom of Israel in the 10th century BCE 
Assyrian conquest of Israel 722 BCE
Assyrian campaign against Judah 701 BCE

Sourcebook: Sennacherib in Judah

Sennacherib in Judah

Judah as a client-state of Assyria
Relations with the Babylonian Empire

HSC Extension History

What is History?

Option 3: Rome's Impact on the provinces: Judea

Option 4: Early Christianity

What is Archaeology?

Relative Dating
Absolute Dating
Remote Sensing

Archaeography: Who are the Archaeologists?

William G. Dever
Israel Finkelstein
Amihai Mazar
David Ussishkin
Yigael Yadin

Historiography: Who are the Historians?

William F. Albright
Albrecht Alt
Nadav Na'aman
Martin Noth

Stage 4

The First Temple

Stage 4 Syllabus: Depth Study 1: Investigating the Ancient Past

 “use the process of historical investigation to examine at least ONE historical controversy or mystery”

When, where and how was the First Temple in Jerusalem built?
The First Temple

The Second Temple

Stage 4 Syllabus: Depth Study 1: Investigating the Ancient Past

 “use the process of historical investigation to examine at least ONE historical controversy or mystery”

When, how and why was the Second Temple in Jerusalem destroyed?
The Second Temple

Stage 5 History Elective

King Solomon: Hero? or Villain?

Fabulous Women of the Old Testament.

Studies of Religion

Australian Aboriginal Beliefs and Spiritualities - the Dreaming

Ancient Religions

Religion and Belief Systems in Australia






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