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Resources for Schools - News


Archaeology news and relevant current research about Ancient Israel and its neighbours.

Latest News

WATCH video of 2016 Ancient History and Studies of Religion Conference!


Dead Sea Scrolls reviewed after 70 years

1177 BCE...crisis in the Ancient near lecture

Lachish...resources and links

Crusader shipwreck off Israel

Ancient road discovered at Bet Shemesh

 Ancient Rock Art in Galilee


Youtube movies about Biblical-Judaean coins…six in all

Best finds from 2016

Significant ancient inscription found at Peki’in

Archaeology and politics on the West Bank

New Masada expedition

Roman fortifications unearthed at Beth-She’arim

More Dead Sea Scrolls?


New discoveries at Hippos-Sussita near Sea of Galilee

Masada video

Copper smelting at Early Israel site

Roman theatre in Golan Heights

View old City of Jerusalem

Second temple era engravings in Judean hills

Herodian road may be clue to revolt

Daily or weekly news compilation sites 

Science Daily 

Source for latest research in many areas…good cross-over of various disciplines in the  Sciences and Archaeology

Archaeology Rocks 

A facebook page updated regularly with archaeology news from around the world, including good posts on discoveries from Israel. 

Bible History Daily 

Biblical Archaeology Society.  
Daily News for discoveries from the Holy Land 

Bible Archaeology News

Recent discoveries and latest news 

Ancient News: The Modern Scholarship of the Ancient World 

Archaeology: A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America



Mosaic found at Jericho

Unique ceramic vessel found in Israel.

Reconstruction of Herodian "tiles"

Early version of Decalogue on stone for sale

More on the Dome of the Rock and the Temple in Jerusalem

Impressive discovery at Tel Hazor

Treasure discovered at Tel Gezer

Destruction layer found at citadel of Khirbet al-Batrawy

Rare early Islamic gold coin found in Galilee

Discovery of papyrus...early reference to Jerusalem...and rebuttal.

Lachish...update on First Temple era gate...reference to new visitors' centre

Temple Mount Sifting Project

Archaeology and politics in Jerusalem…responses to UNESCO resolution concerning the Temple Mount

Recent work at Megiddo

Archaeography of “Holy Land”

David & Goliath…something for the iconoclasts

3-D Pompeii

Unique Mycenaean discovery near Pylos

Discovery of ornamental garden at Petra

New discoveries at Philistine Gath

Water resources and the human colonisation of Australia

First Temple era gate found at Lachish

Toilet uncovered at Lachish

Virtual Unwrapping…reading the scroll from En-Gedi.

Discovery of artefact from Second Temple,7340,L-4854160,00.html

Roman frescos in Galilee

Marble “Venus” found at Petra

Rare Roman Coin found in Jerusalem

DNA testing confirms antiquity of Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Art

5000 year old "houses " found in northern Australia

Archaeology and modern politics?

Roman era mosaic from Israel

Roman artefacts from Caesarea

Bronze Age discovery in Israel

Ancient irrigation system in Israel

Earliest "paleo" diet?

Ancient ceramic "factory" in Israel

Biblical scenes in ancient mosaic

Significant Egyptian statue discovered at Tel Hazor

DNA study identifies origins of early farmers in the Near East

Dendrochronology used to update chronology of the ancient Near East

Atomic physics may hold key to reading "scrolls" from the Villa of the Papyri

Ptolemaic "underwater" City

Philistine Graveyard discovered in Israel

Vampire graves in Poland

Pompeii skeletons

Medieval Foundry for weapons manufacture

USA conservation issues

Petra “mystery”

Attalid tombs?

Coin hoard

Recovery of site from Jewish rebellion

The driver of a Norwegian Embassy car was caught trying to smuggle ten kilograms of antiquities out of Israel. 

Bar Kochba Rebels’ Caves 

Divers in Caesarea find largest treasure of gold coins ever discovered in Israel 

Divers Unearth Largest Gold Discovery Ever Found in Israel (movie clip of the discovery) 

Rare Egyptian amulet bearing the name of Pharaoh Thutmose III dating to 13th century BCE found in Jerusalem. 

#Stop Antiquities Theft: If Israel can do, so can India

3600-year-old Swedish Axes Were Made With Copper From Cyprus

Archaeologists Find the Last Hideout of the Jewish Revolt in Jerusalem

Rare Egyptian amulet bearing the name of Pharaoh Thutmose III dating to 13th century BCE found in Jerusalem.

Galilee Glass Kilns Prove Ancient Israel’s Manufacturing Prowess 

Amazing discovery shows ancient Israel was global glass producer 

Bible breakthrough found in Israel 

New look at ancient shards suggests Bible even older than thought 

Second Temple period bronze implements discovered in Magdala excavations 


Were Hebrews Ever Slaves in Ancient Egypt? Yes 

Jesus Discovered in Dead Sea Scrolls 

Israeli Hiker Finds Rare Ancient Roman Coin 

Givati Parking Lot Dig Unearths Rare Seal of a Woman 

Pharaoh in Canaan: The Untold Story

3,000-Year-Old Textiles Discovered in Israel. 

Boy finds ancient figurine during Beit She’an outing 

New Digital Tools Developed for the Dead Sea Scrolls 

I Spy: A 3,500-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Scarab 

Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Inscriptions in Jesus' Language 

Israeli high court says antiquities dealers must document all artefacts online

3,400-year-old Canaanite fort to be incorporated into modern high-rise building 

Seal impression of King Hezekiah unearthed in the Ophel excavations. 

Hebrew University Archaeologists find prehistoric Village 

Recent Ancient Discoveries Under the Western Wall 

Jerusalem was inhabited as far back as 7000 years ago archaeologists find 

Israeli archaeologists unearth unique stepped structure and podium in City of David, Jerusalem 

Temple Sifting Project: Dumped Temple Mount Rubble Yields Jewish Artifacts 

Rare 3,000-year-old King David era seal discovered by Temple Mount Sifting Project 

400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of human-made pollution 

Macquarie honour for Israeli professor 

Remains of the city wall of the Philistine city of Gath 

Ancient farmstead and monastery exposed in Rosh Ha-‘Ayin 

2,200-year-old bronze Duck-Shaped Incense Shovel Found in Israel 

55,000-Year-Old Skull Fragment Found in Israel

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