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Resources for Schools - Digs


Tel Azekah 

Macquarie University is working in collaboration with Tel Aviv University and the University of Heidelberg on an archaeological dig at Tel Azekah in the Judean foothills, 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem.
An ancient Biblical stronghold overlooking the magnificent Valley of Elah, where tradition holds that David battled with Goliath,  Azekah was an important border fortress and regional center that flourished due to its strategic location along one of the main routes leading from the coast to Jerusalem. The site was occupied from the Bronze Age to the Roman period.
 Dig Directors: Prof. Oded Lipschits, Tel Aviv University, Prof. Manfred Oeming, University of Heidelberg, Germany,  Dr. Yuval Gadot, Tel Aviv University In collaboration with Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

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