Seminars & Conferences

Seminars & Conferences

The Department of Economics holds seminars for students, staff, alumni and members of the community, with special guest speakers invited to present as well as our academics on their ongoing research. Please bookmark this page to view upcoming interesting topics.

Contact Selma Huang E: for further information. Reception commences 15 minutes before the seminar.

Date/Time Speaker Title & Link to Abstract Venue
9 Feb 17 11am - 12pmProf Michel Beine, University of LuxembourgThe Role of Fees in Foreign Education: evidence from Italy and the UKE4A 623
1 Dec 16
11am - 12pm

Dr. Tim Robinson, 

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Estimating DSGE Models With Fixed Interest Rate PolicyE4A 623

24 Nov 16 11am-12pm

Dr. Laura Panza, University of MelbourneInequality and Conflict Intensification in Mandate PalestineE4A 623

17 Nov 16 11am-12pm

Prof Denzil Fiebig, University of NSWDifferential use of health care in response to health shocks?E4A 623

3 Nov 16 11am-12pm

Dr. Stephen Healy, University of Western Sydney

LITE Program

The US Solidarity Economy: Post-politics or Politics in Place?

E4A 623
13 Oct 16 11am-12pmDr. Russell Toth, University of SydneyThe Return of the Sea Turtles: Empirical Evidence from China on the Industry Level Impacts of Return Skilled MigrationE4A 623
28 Sept 16   11am-12pmA/Prof Qiong Wang, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social SciencesWelfare Evaluation of Rural Migrants in China: Analysis based on Sen's Capability Approach E4A 523

1 Sept 16    11am-12pm

Dr. Alberto Motta, University of NSWFinancing Smallholder Agriculture: An Experiment with Agent-Intermediated Microloans in India    E4A 623
18 Aug 16
Dr. Hayley Fisher, University of Sydney

The Effect of Welfare Reform on Repartnering Behaviour          

E4A 523
11 Aug 16
Prof Arusha Cooray,
Nottingham University Business School Malaysia
Does Corruption Sand or Grease the Wheels of Financial Sector Development?    E4A 623
26 May 16
Prof Maros Servatka Procrastination in Charitable Giving E4A 623
28 Apr 16
A/Prof Mariano Kulish, University of NSW International Spillovers of Unconventional Monetary Policy    E4A 523
22 Apr 16
Prof Mary S Morgan,
London School of Economics

LITE Program

Accounting Reasons - Reasoning Accounts, The Importance of Measurement in Re-Shaping Economies    

Seminar Room 2 - Dunmore Lang
31 Mar 16
A/Prof Nektarios Aslanidi, University Rovira Virgili, SpainIs the Assumption of Linearity in Factor Models too Strong in Practice? E4A 523
10 Mar 16
Dr. Tomazs Wozniak, Melbourne University Assessing Monetary Policy Models: Bayesian Inference for Heteroskedastic Structural VARs         E4A 623
25 Feb 16

Prof Helmut Luetkepohl, Free University of Berlin and DIW Berlin

Calculating Joint Confidence Bands for Impulse Response Functions using Highest Density Regions E4A 623
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