Resilient societies


ARC success for five rising research stars

Five Macquarie researchers have been successful in the latest round of the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) scheme, announced on Tuesday 3 November. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Sakkie Pretorius, says it’s particularly pleasing to see four humanities projects funded. “Through each of our future-shaping research priorities, but particularly Resilient societies, we […]

Kira Westaway in her lab.

MQ’s Indiana Jones: Hunting lost caves and missing years

Rarely does science fit together nicely – invariably new evidence bulldozes through long held ideas, tramples over life works and tends to raise more questions than it answers. It’s messy, awkward and unrelenting. So, when a piece of research comes along that fits in with expectations, connects missing evidence and supports current research, it is […]


Should we redefine what it means to be ‘resilient’?

In the wake of recent upsetting world events, Dr Peter Rogers from the Department of Sociology examines what it means to ‘be resilient’, and whether our understanding of resilience should change. “In the wake of recent terror-related events, there are increased calls for greater resilience against terror. There are media celebrations of the resilience of […]


What lies ahead for global health?

Associate Professor Kevin McCracken, Honorary Fellow in the Department of Geography and Planning, has recently co-authored a second edition of Global Health: An Introduction to Current and Future Trends. We caught up with him to get a thought-provoking outline and understanding of the constantly evolving global health landscape.  ‘No one is an island, entire to themselves,’ John […]

State Library NSW, NSW Premier's History Awards, Gallery Room,

Tanya Evans on family, motherhood and sexuality

The Hon. John George Ajaka, MLC with Dr Tanya Evans, at the 2016 NSW Premiers’ History Prize. Dr Tanya Evans from the Department of Modern History is an acclaimed author and was recently awarded the NSW Premiers’ History Prize in Community and Regional History. We sat down with her to learn more about her role […]

Julian Droogan, Senior Lecturer in Security Studies at Policing Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism

Stopping the lone wolf: Insights from a terrorist magazine

Analysis of a key terrorist magazine has revealed insights that will provide a guide for government and authorities in limiting the influence of jihadist propaganda in the West. The study, by Dr Julian Droogan from the Department of Security Studies and Criminology with colleague Shane Peattie and published in the Journal of Terrorism and Political […]

Dr Malcolm Ryan and Dr Paul Formosa, computer game research

Can playing video games make you a ‘better’ person?

Dr Malcolm Ryan from the Department of Computing and Dr Paul Formosa from the Department of Philosophy. 98 per cent of Australian households with children have at least one form of video game, and the content of these games is sometimes questioned. A recent paper by Macquarie researchers challenges the concept that games are amoral […]


60 Seconds with… historian Dr Louise Pryke

Dr Louise Pryke recently joined the Department of Ancient History in a new position created through the generous support of the Education Heritage Foundation. We sat down with her to learn about her research career and her new role at Macquarie. What drew you to your research field? Thomas King said that the truth about story […]

Australia, 20 years after gun reform

Professor Mike Jones is Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Human Sciences and Deputy Head of the Psychology Department. He has co-authored a paper looking at the number of gun deaths in Australia before and after gun law reforms were enacted 20 years ago. He summarises his findings here. In 1996, in the aftermath of a mass […]

Are our laws and policies failing child sexual abuse victims?

Law School Senior Lecturer, Carolyn Adams, with her colleague Krista Lee-Jones, has discovered that law and policy across Australia are as likely to hinder as help when it comes to sharing information about children at risk and potential perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Here she explains why. One of the tasks of the Royal Commission […]