Holiday greetings from the Vice-Chancellor

As summer begins, the campus grows quieter and the end of the year approaches. Some of us may be winding down, while for many there is still plenty to be done before we are able to take a well deserved break and relax over the holiday season.

This year has been a turning point for the University. Across the campus, staff have risen to challenges, choosing to view them not as hurdles to overcome but as opportunities to be seized. Together we have put our plans into action and we are beginning to see the results of our efforts. Our outstanding performance in the recent ERA assessment is a recognition of our distinction, and I am proud of our success in this important area of our core mission.

Next year will bring new challenges and new possibilities as we continue to change and accelerate. Just as we are seeing improvements in our research under that Strategic Framework, I look forward to the impact of the new Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework on our curriculum, community and culture. We are capable of great things, and I look forward to all that we will achieve.

As we seek to realise our future as a truly ascendant and sustainable institution of service and engagement, I urge you to look back and observe the progress we have made on the remarkable journey that is Macquarie University. I will use some of the time in the break to reflect upon our progress and the path ahead, and I look forward to sharing those thoughts with you as we return to the University in early 2016.

For now, as the end of the year and holiday season approaches, I thank you all for your exceptional work this year, capturing the full potential of each day. I encourage you to pause, reflect on the year that has passed and spend time with your families, friends and colleagues. I hope that your break over the festive period will be peaceful and restorative; and I look forward to returning to campus and our work together in the new year.

With many thanks and warmest good wishes.


Professor S Bruce Dowton MD