Whisk-y business

Whether you’re a Staff Café regular, or just visit around the festive season, this is an important culinary update! Due to its popularity last year, Chef Manager Housien Koussan has launched his Christmas Lunch menu early, along with new and vibrant summer breakfast and lunch offerings.

The team have spiced things up for breakfast, with Mexican baked chilli eggs and healthy poached eggs with kale and ricotta now on the menu. Those with a sweeter tooth can enjoy daily homemade banana bread or freshly baked goodies. The cheap eats menu is also continuing; $4.50 for coffee and baked treat or $6.50 for coffee and bacon and egg roll.

Curious about the new lunch menu? Highlights include chermoula marinated chicken breast fillet served with chargrilled eggplant, slow-roasted tomatoes and sweet potato chips, a wholesome Mediterranean roasted vegetable stack and (by popular demand) the classic beef burger! If you’re after something lighter, there is also a freshly sliced peach and buffalo mozzarella salad on the menu, along with a zesty Loligo squid with garlic, chilli and coriander.

If you’re feeling festive, the Christmas lunch menu features some seasonal delights, including honey-glazed ham with brandy marinated oranges, succulent turkey breast with apple and pine nut stuffing and classic Christmas pudding or strawberry pavlova to finish!

The Staff Café is open 9.30am to 3pm weekdays. Walk-ins are welcome, but for large groups, it’s best to book in advance. See the Staff Café’s web page for contact details and the full menu selection.