Meet Ben Creamer, your Office 365 senior trainer

Ben Creamer is the Regional Manager of training partner Synergy and is responsible for setting up and delivering Office 365 training for Macquarie staff. Ben and his team launched a comprehensive set of training courses last week specifically designed to help us familiarise ourselves with the Office 365 suite and prepare for migration on Monday 14 December. Training feedback has been very positive, with one staff member providing the following encouraging feedback:

I would just like to express my appreciation to the University for providing such a comprehensive program of information and training to support this change. I think it will certainly benefit the organisation in the long run by giving staff the opportunity to learn the skills needed and become comfortable with them, so we are ready for the changeover and don’t have to upskill ‘on the run’. Many thanks.

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Ben shares his thoughts on how Office 365 can change the way you work and organise your time, plus tips on how to prepare for migration day.

Macquarie will move from Google Mail to Office 365 on 14 December. What does this mean?
Firstly, instead of using Gmail for email and calendars we’ll be using the equivalent Microsoft product. You’ll be able to interact with email through Office 365 and have access to a range of other software and applications. Each faculty / department will have the ability to review and decide how the other Office365 applications will fit their requirements. They can continue using Google Docs or Sheets or make the transition to Microsoft Word online or Excel online.

So what is Office 365?
It’s a suite of applications and services – such as Outlook – that Microsoft provides on the cloud. The product is web browser based and is very similar to the traditional desktop versions, however adds numerous benefits by being on the cloud.

For example, with Office 365 you won’t just be getting an email and calendar service. You’ll be getting that and a suite of applications. In the future, many other applications will be developed and added into Office 365 through a Marketplace / App store. These services are being updated regularly by Microsoft and are accessible on different devices from multiple locations.

A common question asked during training sessions: How will Office 365 work on day one?
The experience you’ll have on Monday 14 December will be similar to the one you have at the moment. The Outlook Web Access client will provide a similar experience to what you have in Gmail. You’ll be able to send, receive, and forward emails, book meetings and work with contacts.

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