Macquarie mastering the MRes approach

Macquarie’s innovative Master of Research (MRes) program is going from strength to strength, with our second cohort of successful students celebrating their achievements at an event last Monday 26 October.

In a rewarding year for MRes that has yielded 146 completions to date, the event saw many of these students coming to celebrate alongside several staff involved in the program, including Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius and Dean of Higher Degree Research Professor Nick Mansfield.

As well as a much-deserved celebration, the event highlighted the research path ahead, with many MRes students expected to continue their research careers here at Macquarie, and provided a forum for future research discussion among fledgling PhD candidates.

The MRes, which combines coursework with a major research project, is proving (albeit anecdotally) to provide better preparation for PhD studies. Former MRes student and current PhD candidate, Nicole Miles says she would recommend the degree to anyone considering a future in research.

“Not only has the MRes prepared me to start my PhD confidently, it has also equipped me with the knowledge and experience required to work as a research assistant,” says Nicole.

Dean of Higher Degree Research Professor Nick Mansfield is also impressed with how prepared our PhD candidates are when taking the MRes pathway.

“MRes graduates are better prepared for HDR than ever before, more confident and with a stronger research background,” says Nick.

While Macquarie’s MRes program grows stronger, other Australian universities are now looking to follow suit. However with the quality and popularity of Macquarie’s offering growing, other institutions, including some in the Group of Eight, definitely have some catching up to do.