Dr Ed Watts
Dr Ed Watts

Vale Dr Edward J Watts

Words by Professor Kevin Jameson

On Sunday 28 June 2015 Dr Ed Watts sadly passed away. Ed had been a staff member of the University since 1988 and was a valued teacher, researcher and friend of the Macquarie community.  He completed his PhD at UNE Armidale and joined the then Division of Economics and Finance. He was a man of great intellect and highly respected by his peers.  Since then Ed has contributed an enormous amount to the Macquarie University community, and to the Faculty of Business and Economics as a Senior Lecturer.

Ed was active in the disability sector and was the Chairman of the Board of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. He had a very close relationship with Macquarie – not only through his work, but also personally through his wide range of professional relationships and many friendships. He met his wife Susan at Macquarie and was married on campus. Through his scholarship and his contribution to the disability sector he gave so much to so many.

He lived for 43 years with quadriplegia, and for most of that time Ed was in much better health than others in his situation, and his quiet dignity and attitude to life created a cheerful presence in the Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies. He will be very sorely missed by his students, colleagues and friends of the University community.

Our thoughts are with Susan, his son Liam, and his wider family and friends.