Putting policy into practice

In 2014, the University embarked on a review of its Policy Framework, to establish the whys and wherefores of policy and procedure at Macquarie. Following consultation with key stakeholders across campus, a new Policy Framework was recently endorsed by the University Executive and approved by University Council.

“This review has resulted in a new approach to policy development and approval at Macquarie,” said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar) Deidre Anderson. “This is a significant achievement for the University, and ties in with Our University: A Framing of Futures Strategic Priority 7: Improving aspects of our support services.”

Key improvements to the Framework include a streamlined approval process, the securing of approval prior to the development of a new policy to help avoid a proliferation of documents and to rationalise existing documents, and a new focus on implementation with the creation of an ‘Implementation Officer’ role for each policy.

“There is, after all, no point having a policy if it can’t be put into practice,” said Deidre, who explains that Procedures will also have a new look.

“They will now be based primarily on workflows, demonstrating each step to follow and who is responsible. Feedback indicated that this approach will be clearer for stakeholders, and the new Framework will make navigating University policy easier for users,” she said.

More information and resources

  1. Download the Policy Toolkit for more information about the new Framework.
  2. Join the new University-wide policy network which facilitates consultation on policy matters.
    Contact the Policy Unit (policy@mq.edu.au) to sign-up.
  3. All policy changes that impact staff and students will be published in This Week.