Professor James Guthrie and Professor Richard Petty.
Professor James Guthrie and Professor Richard Petty.

Business as usual: Top result for Macquarie duo

Congratulations to Macquarie Graduate School of Management’s Professor Richard Petty, and Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance’s Professor James Guthrie on their peer reviewed research paper Intellectual Capital: Measurement, reporting and management, receiving more than 1000 citations.

A study published in Nature investigated citations across 58 million items in the Science Citation Index that covers the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities and conference proceedings, and found only 14,499 papers published since 1900 had more than 1000 citations.

Professor Petty explains that by any account, the paper is one of the top cited papers in the business disciplines, but it’s also one of the top cited research papers across all disciplines.

“I think we identified a gap in the research at the right time, and our work was of interest to researchers and to policymakers because of its real-world application for business and for regulators and standard-setters,” said Professor Petty.

The duo has also co-authored two other papers in the field of intellectual capital measurement, reporting and management, both of which have exceeded more than 550 citations.

“James and I have collaborated many times and have co-authored at least six papers together that each individually have more than 100 citations,” said Professor Petty.

Looking ahead, the two are working together in the field of Transnational Regulation.

“Our current work is attracting a lot of interest. Last year I co-edited a special issue on Transnational Regulation of Accounting for the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal. Based on that work we are now working with regulators in the US, Australia, UK and China, as well as several global banks and accounting firms on convening a summit on transnational regulation in 2016,” said Professor Petty.