And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche

Released last week, the Learning and Teaching Green Paper is designed to spark collegial discussion on Learning and Teaching at Macquarie and encourages everyone to engage with its ideas, and provide feedback to inform and develop our final Learning and Teaching Framework.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor John Simons says a main driver behind the Paper is clear evidence that most students choose to go to university to enhance their employability prospects, and universities must help them with their ambition if they wish to be a destination of choice.

“We are already well ahead on the activation of digital platforms for learning and that gives us impetus to continue,” he said. “We are keen to articulate the Learning and Teaching strategy with the Research strategy and much of what is in the Green Paper urges people to organise their teaching in a way to allow themselves more time for research.”

Professor Simons explains that the underlying theme of the strategy is to put students at the centre of the learning process, a theme which not everyone may agree with.

“There is a debate to be had,” he said. “There is a good deal of change here but also a good deal which is simply about building on things we already do, but increasing velocity and volume of adoption. Promoting the process as one of enhancement, as much as change, is important.”

Professor Simons says there can be some complacency around our current performance and we all need to recognise we have a part to play in ‘improving our game’ in some areas.

“Any university is mistaken if it thinks it can develop policies around core activities such as learning and teaching without a great deal of consultation and engagement across the collegiate body,” he said. “There will be 1001 good ideas out there which we need to hear about. And although not everyone will get everything they want, it is important for everyone to feel they have had the opportunity to speak and be heard.”

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Staff can provide feedback in a number of ways:

All feedback is required by 30 June, 2015

Learning and Teaching Green Paper Town Hall meeting
When: Tuesday 9 June
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Where: Macquarie Theatre

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In the coming weeks, meetings will take place at the office, department and faculty level to provide face-to-face opportunities for conversation. Please seek advice from Directors, Heads of Department, and/or Faculty Associate Deans Learning and Teaching in relation to planned activities.