[Centre] Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) Professor Sherman Young with GLEP students. [Inset] Daniel Clarke.
[Centre] Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) Professor Sherman Young with GLEP students. [Inset] Daniel Clarke.

Future leaders sign up in record numbers

The Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) was expanded this year into a University entry program for accepting year 12 students, resulting in more than 400 applications since June.

“Given that this is the first year for the new Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) we were unsure what the demand would be,” said Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) Professor Sherman Young. “The interest in the program has been very impressive and we’re delighted with the outcome.”

The GLEP allows year 12 students to join the Macquarie community by offering them a place in a participating degree, providing support during their final year of high school study and helping to prepare them for their time at University. The program also provides access to Global Leadership activities, the Library and other University services.

Professor Young says that the quality of applications has been very impressive with more than 100 offers already accepted.

“It is very inspiring to see the calibre of students the GLEP has attracted,” he said. “The students who have applied truly embody Macquarie’s values and demonstrate clear aspirations for community and global engagement, leadership and academic excellence. Whilst still early days, given the success of the program for 2015 entry, there is a clear opportunity to further develop the GLEP in the future.”

Successful Bachelor of Laws GLEP applicant Daniel Clarke is one such student who embodies our values.

Daniel has cerebral palsy and was ‘granted a wish’ by the Starlight Foundation in 2007. Rather than a trip to Disney Land, Daniel used his wish to help save the orangutans of Borneo. Since then he has raised more than $700,000 and sponsored more than 99,000 acres of orangutan habitat.

“Students like Daniel are truly inspirational,” said Professor Young. “He is a future leader and an example of the type of high-achieving student who will benefit from the program.”

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