Ainslee Harvey
Ainslee Harvey

60 seconds with…

Ainslee Harvey / Academic Senate Project Officer

How long have you been at Macquarie?
Only since April this year but it feels longer than that. It’s definitely a sign that I’ve settled in very well.

How do you get to campus?
I drive… and feel guilty about it.

Where is your favourite place to spend a spare five minutes at Macquarie?
If I’m not sitting alongside Dom Verity in the Library Café, you’ll find me perched on a rock soaking up the afternoon sun in the garden opposite E7A.

What was your earliest childhood career aspiration?
As a child I spent a lot of time at the beach and was convinced that I was going to be a surf lifesaver.

If you weren’t an Academic Senate Project Officer, what would you do?
I would be a professional traveller/travel blogger/tour leader.

What is your favourite film, book or TV show?
At the moment I’m really into the TV series Suits. The plot, the drama, the music and the (good looking) characters – it’s a great show.

What would you want to learn if given the chance to learn it instantly?
Another language, any language, I wouldn’t be picky! Closely followed by mastering the harp, it’s such a heavenly instrument.

Something not many people know about me is…
I sleep eat. It is not unusual for tins of Milo, packets of Tim Tams or tubs of ice cream to disappear overnight; however, it’s not without a trace. Chocolate smeared on the pillow, Milo on the floor or the ice cream left out on the bench. I’d make a good research study.

If money were no object, what would you like to achieve?
Gosh, this is a difficult question and I don’t have a concrete answer. It would involve having more time to connect with people, help others, give back to the community, learn and explore.

What were you doing before you started these questions?
Preparing the agenda for a working party that is reviewing the Assessment, Grading, Unit Outline and Final Examination Policies. On that note, if you’d like to contribute any feedback or ideas, please let me know!

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